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Looking for some purpose to your X-Plane flying? JustFlight’s Air Hauler for X-Plane just might fit the bill…. Released in early 2011 – you’d be right to wonder why I’m writing about software that is over five years old – but this is Mudspike – it’s what we do! Before you run and hit the…


This looks good, going to give it a go. Was looking for an excuse to explore a new area and this looks great.

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Didnt realize this is still 30$ us. That’s crazy.

It goes on sale - I got it for $18.39 at FSPilot shop in November, 2015 according to my account info…

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Thanks @BeachAV8R for not only having the determination in getting AH to work with XP10, but also following that effort up with a very informative guide. Following your article, I was able to get as far as configuring a company, CAFCO, and importing one custom aircraft.

We set up shop at Ketchikan (PAKT), a little further West from your operation, so that while we are struggling to keep the lights on, don’t have competition from the rising Mudspike Logistics! Our short term plan is to fly a few gigs in the C172SP, then upgrade to a C207 that’s for sale just down the ramp from us. Our mechanic says not to bother with the 207, and be patient until the right twin Otter comes along. Green’s a retired USAF Chief and most definitely an old curmudgeon. I don’t doubt the wisdom in those words, but I think that our immediate focus should be on generating income.

I might have a couple of suggestions for make operating AH1 in XP10 a little smoother, but want to kick it around a little bit more before making those.

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Hey awesome Chipwich! I’ll be interested to hear your suggestions - were you able to get fuel and stocks working at all? (Just wondering if it is only my install…)

PAKT is going to be a beautiful area to fly around…but you are gonna have some fun with the weather up there! LOL That must have cost you a pretty penny to open that base…it is full featured! What is the monthly lease?

Also - this is a great link for helping determine weather at a location (in addition to METARs of course):

Can’t wait to see the Twin Otter in action too. I’m hoping I can go from the 172RG to the 402…but not sure yet, I might make an intermediate step…


To wait for a sale or give in to impatience…

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I dunno man…holidays are coming up…could be some good sales prior to Thanksgiving…honestly, I might hold out…

Tough call. I debated for quite a while wanting to have operations in the area roughly defined as Stewart - Ketchikan - Juneau. @BeachAV8R reminded me this morning that there is no stock winter terrain for XP10, so would need to source those to feel right. Then there are a lot of free add-on airports in the area I want to fly, and I already own the most excellent Aerosoft CZST. Also have in the Chipwich XP hanger a C195, C207, C340, PC12, and B200, which would all make good freight haulers.

Oh…found the link to those winter textures. Honestly, using the JSGME technique (to me) is way easier than using Simple Season.


Actually - here I think is the JSGME ready tiles:

Great, @BeachAV8R. Those look pretty good. Will be interesting to see how the add-on airports match up.

That is good. I will have to figure that out because simple seasons caused me nothing but trouble. The load time is #6$–_+(&(($ ridiculous with that plugin.

I’m getting a little tired of going though FSX and having to reinstall and reconfigure all of my add-ons. I am about to the point of just going with X-Plane 11 since it is almost upon us. I am definitely interested in Air Hauler and would go with AH2 for FSX, but I just cant fathom another add-on for FSX to add to the installation/configuration process.

Do you think Air Hauler will work with X-Plane 11 as you described in the article for XP10?

Sorry I can’t write a longer post because I just walked in the door - but I’m leaning toward “maybe” with Air Hauler and X-Plane 11. I mean, it is a new version, but a lot of “under the hood” stuff might be the same. But with plug-ins of any type…ya’ just never know. And the problem is - if you’ve tried or are playing any Air Hauler 2 in FSX or P3D, you quickly get spoiled by all the additional features that it offers…so AH for X-Plane becomes a little less attractive. (The whole - hey…I jumped the fence, the grass really is greener over here, is soft, and sure beats the crabgrass that is AH1 for X-Plane). Air Hauler 2 features + X-Plane 11 would be pure bliss. Unfortunately, as is often the case, we might not be able to have our cake and eat it too. From all I’ve read, X-Plane 11 should be out in November, so it wouldn’t be too long to wait to see if we can get AH and XP11 working.

What stinks is that I read on the AH developers facebook page is that he has no desire to make AH2 for X-Plane. It would be way to much work for something he has no interest in since he primarily is all in for FSX. :frowning:

“AirHauler: AH1 for X-Plane didn’t sell well enough to make it worth while I’m afraid. Also, X-Plane doesn’t use SimConnect which AH2 uses extensively which would mean a lot of work to re-write, and thirdly, I don’t use X-Plane myself.”

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Ya it blows. But in a niche hobby people develop for what they like. It what others want, for the most part. Development of x-plane isn’t much different.

On the flip side FSEconomy works with X-Plane.

@BeachAV8R , how long should this importing custom aircraft thing take? All it seems to do is load up to the quickflight setup and then just sit there.

AH is unresponsive during this time. If I then close x-plane manually, it throws the expected error in AH.


Import custom aircraft, navigate to aircraft folder, select the .acf, click import. Acknowledge the pop-up (ie. don’t mess with the process, it’ll close automatically), x-plane launches (confirm splash screen says 32 bit), wait and wait and wait. Nothing happens.

I should note I’ve also tried loading the aircraft to an airport, but that had no effect either.