Air Missions HIND released on Xbox

Not sure if it’s any good yet, came out of no where, probably just a action game… but back in the 360 days they did release a pretty awesome helicopter game, can’t remember the name… Apache I think… so will see… there’s a demo out for it too.

just FYI…


It’s an arcade game

ya, when I saw the price I kinda figured… too bad, really would like that APACHE game released way back when to be re-released or at least backwards compatible.

Apache: Air Assault? I think you can get it for PC.

I do consoles only now-a-days minus a handful of PC titles, IE: Steel Beasts, Combat Mission, ArmA.

actually it is very arcade, but for 16 bucks pretty fun. 4 choppers, not just the HIND, tons of missions, 4 player MP, co-op and/or VS. Cockpit view, etc etc… kinda like that Apache game back then.

I really enjoyed Apache: Air Assault on the Xbox. For a few months, it took up far more of my time than than I should admit. But it had something that realistic flight sims often lack, gameplay.

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I loved Apache Air Assault for PC…wrote about it for SimHQ at one point for the Budget Gaming series…

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I remeber that one!

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I think I might actually get this for PC, just because it’s not all that expensive. I remember Comanche 3/Gold quite fondly.