Airbus A220 drivers

I took a trip over the weekend and I got the chance to experience the Airbus A220. I have to say it was probably the nicest ride I’ve had. The seats were great, good leg room, and they had monitors mounted in the headrest so you could watch TV, movies, or play some simple games. There were plugs for charging things, free WiFi, just an overall great experience.

Really badass plane. If you drive one of these just wanted to let you know I’m jealous.


In many ways it is similar to the Global 7500 (systems and avionics). It will always be the Bombardier C-Series to me, but I’m glad Airbus saved the program.


Good move by Airbus. Boeing played politics and lost. I have a friend who was a flight controls engineer on it (before Airbus’ involvement). He explained the trim thumbwheel on the stick, which changes a neutral stick speed as seen on the speed tape as the wheel is turned. It’s a brilliant concept that improves on the feel-less sidestick found on legacy Airbuses (Airbi?)