Airbus Theme and Text Size

A couple of recent updates for Theme fans (there are dozens of us, dozens!):

  1. Airbus Theme. I’ve added an ‘Airbus’ theme, for those that like the look of those robot flying pale blue monsters. It uses a dark layout, so you can pretend you never leave the FMS. Airbus kindly open sourced their actual FMS/EFIS font, called ‘B612’ so now you can make Mudspike 101% authentic looking.

  2. User Font Size. None of us are getting any younger, (apart from @benjaminbutton who rarely posts) so I’ve added a user preference for selecting the base font size. You can see the new setting in your preferences here:


A small tweak in the latest update to text size. The default spacing is a little bigger now, so if you’re really perceptive you might have spotted that. Thanks to @BeachAV8R for the recent Admin update!

To offset this, you can use your Profile preferences (top right / avatar / :gear: / Interface) and set your own default text size - everything else from the forum should be based from this in terms of size. If your young elf-eyes can handle it, you can also make it smaller.



The Geo-Cities theme didn’t take. Oh well, Airbus is fun too…