Aircraft - F/A-18 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (freeware)


Sort of works.


Batumi with weather

Lots of screens have been lifted, surprised it’s on wheels and not bricks:

Lots of liveries

Nellis AFB

So probably a freeware F/A-18 for FSX ported in?


Yeah, I’m all for the (Free!) work the community puts out, but this smells like the add on equivalent of “first post!”

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Yeah, the price is good, so no complaints, but its main appeal is just the external model.

It’s default FSX Acceleration Hornet import. You could import one yourself for Flight Sim World. Which I did…


Whelp… Could anyone make a direct comparison with DCS?
Like a side by side shot of the same area?

Here you go, here’s Rome? :wink:

Seriously though, they are just very different sims. Vegas looks good in MSFS and is in DCS Nevada, but then you can’t blow anything up, so it’s a bit of a Apples vs Oranges comparison. Visual fidelity is only a very small part of the DCS arena.

X-Plane with add-ons, ortho etc is better than MSFS in many aspects, so really quite early days for MSFS. It really depends on what sort of cost vs time vs stuff, and because of so many variables it’s probably to fair to say they are all good at what they do.