Aircraft portovers?

With the recent releases of some WWII iconic aircraft for MSFS, I was wondering if anyone has made successful portovers of former P3D higher-res models to help fill some gaps.
I still havent made the jump, personally, but am getting closer. Still waiting on more helicopter and bush planes.

I played with the MSFS Legacy Importer and it is a fantastic tool.

However, very often just the external model is OK with the rest not great:

  • cockpit not clickable
  • gauges not working
  • flight model completely off

That’s why you can see a number of 5 mins converts on sites like claiming “this is WIP and updates are coming” but they never are. There is a limit to what is possible.

Good converts like those from @thealx are very rare and they require TON of additional work (and knowledge). If you ask me, I would not bother much unless you love to tinker with stuff and have a lot of time.

Give it a shot yourself, though. You may get some of your legacy hangar converted to MSFS.

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check this FB group - most of their planes are converts

the process is challenging (especially if original has 2D gauges) but if you have basic modding skills - average amount of time for each plane could be about 2-3 hours for acceptable result. maybe a week for perfection :smile:

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