Airline Mogul - Online Airline Managment Game

Anyone play this?

If you haven’t played or heard of it, its a mostly text based (except for maps) airline management game. You start with a set about of cash and try to expand by buying various commercial planes. You play against other people. The more routes and airlines the more competitive.

Here’s an example of an airline someone has created:

I wish I had some shots of my old route maps, I haven’t played in quite a while.

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I am waiting for the mod that lets me, as a major airline CEO, lavish perks onto New Jersey politicians so that I might further fortify my lock on a hub based in the state. Conquistadores del Cielo, baby!


Private games, huh? Hey guys, anyone up for a cutthroat Mudspike Airline Mogul game? :dagger:


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That’s kinda why I brought it up, seemed like something that’s people round these parts might really enjoy. I’m down for a game.