Airplane Guilty Pleasures- Planes So Bad, They're Good

It seems as of late that our culture is obsessed with things that are so terrible they’re almost good- we’ve got all the Sharknado movies that have become almost a point of pride for has-been B list actors and terrible political figures to be cast in one of them. We have people like William Hung and Sanjaya, with no talent whatsoever, gathering massive fan support in the social media circles. All of us have terrible movies, music, tv shows, etc that we like to privately indulge in when nobody is around to judge us.

So, in terms of our favorite hobby, what “guilty pleasure” planes would you like to see included in a future flight sim, in all their imperfect, liable to kill you at any time glory?

For me, the early jets hold a certain fascination- especially the ones that were the most outrageous, ambitious designs imaginable.

The F7U Cutlass was an early experiment using captured German data on tailless aircraft, and was pretty much an abysmal failure. Still, I can’t help but think it’d be fun to fly from a vintage straight-deck carrier:

The Grumman XF10F Jaguar was the first variable-geometry fighter designed for the Navy. Only flown by Grumman test pilot Corky Meyer, who said he enjoyed flying it because it was almost impossible to get off the ground, there are several hilariously terrible stories of incidents surrounding the plane.

Those are the first two to come to my mind. What about anybody else?

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I have a soft spot for Ekranoplan’s, despite them not really making any sense. :smiley:

I still need to check the Ekranoplan sim out, as was amazed someone had actually made one:

I will forever be fascinated by all of the choices that went into the making of this aircraft:

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Electric Lightning? Oh man, now I’m sobbing over the Avro Arrow too. Both shot down by politics rather than missiles :wink:

The Skyray would be fun. I could launch that thing off a carrier all day. Not so sure about fighting in it though…

Because why not?

Didn’t I kill a bunch of Ekranoplans in that Typhoon sim? Yeah…I think so…