Airplane Mode (Game)


On Steam

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I can only imagine the DLC for this. I’ll still get stuck in the middle seat.



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At least you can’t say the DLC is unfair or a cash grab, it’s a realistic feature to pay for add-ons, and declaring everything an add-on is normal!

Pretty smart business model, except for the narrow audience I suppose… :thinking:

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I’m really excited about the Allegiant DLC. You randomly get to sit in an airport for two days and when you do get on a plane, you end up at an Allegiant base other than the one you booked your ticket too. They will need to model the rental car that gets you the rest of the way. :thinking:


I’ll second that, WHAT??

  • Does this add credence to “Life really is a simulation”?
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I seriously cannot tell if this is a joke or not.

I just got this email, I guess if it’s serious or not depends on your feeling about Desert Bus

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