Airshow pictures thread

I tend to visit a lot of airshows over the summer. Thought anybody doing the same thing could share some of their pics as well. Museum photos and your general aviation pics welcome too!

These are a few of my highlights from 2018


Oh…so they have to be good photos…not, “See that little dot out by those trees? That’s Blue Angel #5…or is it #6”…I’ll see what I have. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tagged for when I get home tonight from the inlaws.

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No not at all. More about the planes and the stories!
Believe me I have gigabytes of the ones you described haha!

Thought if people had old photos from work and days out with family we might get some cool stories and funny anecdotes
Take the photo of the 2 French rafale at the top… My wife and son managed to sleep through those bad boys blasting off on full reheat about 200ft away! But if I come in from a night shift and stub my toe the whole house wakes up lol

Sooo… Your roar is louder and more offensive than three SNECMA m.88’s going at it full bore. Yup, that figures :smiley:

This is a selfie I shot in 2016 at Leeuwarden when I drove (alone! neither son, nor wife nor nephews wanted to come along!) across the country to have a first look and listen and feel to the new machine. It’s that day that a lot of my disdain for the little monster was melted away.

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No one could stay angry at f35 once you’ve been up close to one!
Side note: fairford 2016 my wife touched the f35 they had on display…‘feels so light and almost like plastic! So futuristic!’
I may or may not have replied ‘it’s the new stealthy materials’ while staring at the sign that said FULL SIZE MOCKUP. I still haven’t told her :chicken: