Alert 5 Podcast Episode 05 - Launching into 2019

Hey Mudspike! We’re finally back with the next episode! The guys are excited to be back and over the New Year’s hangover, catching up on the exciting happenings of the holidays and what is to come for the New Year. In the news, Dutt finally got IL-2, some interesting updates coming to the DCS F/A-18, and an exciting module announcement from Eagle Dynamics. No interview today, but the guys chat about VR, their personal home control setups, as well as their choices for flying when they’re on the road!

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Time Stamps:
0:40 - Introduction
1:18 - Opening Discussion and Catching Up
20:45 - Dutt gets IL2
22:45 - DCS Changelogs
26:00 - F/A-18C Changes
28:15 - F/A-18C Mini Update from Wags
32:40 - F-16 Talk
35:10 - MIG-19P
38:05 - MI-24 HIND
39:28 - P-47 Thunderbolt for DCS (Warbirds)
41:47 - A10/KA-50 Updated Cockpit Textures
43:45 - Middle Eastern Map
46:08 - IL-2 Changelogs
50:40 - IL-2 Module Updates
53:30 - Hardware Setups (VR)
1:01:00 - Our personal Setups
1:10:00 - Flying on the road


Excellent!!! Always enjoy these well put together shows.

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Yup, lovin em too :smiley:

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Very cool airplane @Sport.


I see you’re a man of taste. Is that yours? Or just a fan?

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First time listening last night. Very impressed with the show. Great content and easy to listen to! Didn’t realise you guys were commercial pilots so also enjoyed the falcon 8x and g550 comparison.

Ill be back for more. Thanks!

Don’t I wish. Just a fan of the design. Congrats to you. I have a few more years building my plane kitty, complicated by 3 little ones who need clothing and feeding :slight_smile: Looking forward to some video.


Excited to hear of a possible RAZBAM interview,This would be fantastic especially with all the content they have in the pipeline.

We’re trying. Some Devs have more on their plate than others, and are a little harder to get ahold of :wink:

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