Alert 5 Podcast - Interview with Jell-O from the Fighter Pilot Podcast

Episode 06 - Interview with Vincent “Jell-O” Aiello from the Fighter Pilot Podcast

24 January 2019 - Episode 06: Pilots! We’re excited to bring you a special interview with Jell-O from the Fighter Pilot Podcast. We discuss his Naval career as a Hornet Pilot, Viper Pilot, Top Gun Instructor, and what he’s doing now. We also go into the latest DCS news with the HARM, Christen Eagle 2, MIG-19P, and Corsair. Hope you enjoy!

Time Stamps
01:40 Introduction
08:00 F18 AGM 88C HARM
09:00 Missions of the Week
10:45 F18 GBU Fusing Options
12:25 Leatherneck Simulations News
15:40 Razbam MIG19
17:25 Jell-O Interview
01:24:00 Outro Final Thoughts

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A match made in Heaven…Two of my Favorites!!

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Really enjoyed this episode guys thanks! +1 for jell-o’s golden retriever being called maverick

Going to give him a listen on my next night shift :blush:

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Much appreciated guys! We’re doing our best to line up the next great interview!