Alert 5 Podcast Wags Interview!

Scramble Episode 04 - Matt “Wags” Wagner, Executive Producer at Eagle Dynamics

11 March 2019 - Scramble 04: Hey Mudspike! On this Scramble the guys bring to you one of the biggest names in DCS World, Matt “Wags” Wagner, Executive Producer at Eagle Dynamics. He sits down with Tricker, Sport, and Dut to discuss how he got started at Eagle Dynamics, a little bit of DCS history, and some exciting development plans for 2019!

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Time Stamps:

00:32 - Introduction
01:40 - Who is Wags?
05:25 - DCS over the years
07:30 - 3rd Party Developer Module Development
11:44 - Eastern Bloc Aircraft in DCS?
13:49 - DCS: F/A-18 Hornet Discussions
19:11 - 2019 DCS Roadmap
21:29 - DCS: F-16C
23:02 - Map Development
25:03 - Combined Arms
28:44 - DCS Dynamic Campaign
30:14 - Questions from the Community (ATC, Weather, Future Modules)
35:45 - Helicopter Development
39:28 - Wag’s Dream Module
40:39 - VR Development
45:02 - Modern Air Combat
48:25 - What is Wag’s Looking forward to in 2019?
55:05 - Wrap-up


That one was excellent. thank you guys, and wags for doing it. Y’all sounded like you were havin fun too!

Excellent interview guys. And thanks for very deservedly giving props to Wags for all that he has done for ED and our hobby. I had forgotten about the EA gig as well as F/A-18 Hornet.

It’s exciting on a number of fronts, even though the Robin Williams reference didn’t ring true with an up-coming map. He did mention the AH-1 Cobra a couple of times. :+1:

Time to get our Kitty on.


Some great info in here, and worth a listen.

Wags dream module is the Strike Eagle

Really interesting to hear the thoughts on VR as well, and especially nice to hear the focus on performance. Wags has a Pimax 5k…

Also @smokinhole, it sounds like one possible future VR control option in DCS is using touch as the stick/throttle. Bring it on…


I’m pretty interested in what the new map is gonna be.

You mean other than Syria and the Falklands which I think have both been mentioned already? There’s supposed to be another WWII one as well, right? I can’t recall where.

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Yeah, it’s fun to try to work out what it is. The only thing Wags said was ‘not Vietnam’. So what candidates are there?

  • Korea?
  • Iraq?
  • GIUK gap (would be cool)?
  • Fulda Gap?

What did I miss?

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Just finished listening to this. I can’t believe how much development is going on! I hope they have enough bodies to keep up with it all.

Matt said the new map in development is the one he’s most excited about. I’m hoping it’s Korea to go with the F-16. I’m surprised there were no questions or mention of the conversion from DX11 to Vulkan. I remember Matt saying that was under heavy development in an earlier interview.

So much stuff to look forward to. Exciting times for sure.

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I am glad that they gave some props to Wags and the team at ED. No everything is always sunny skies and fair weather but they put a lot of love, sweat and tears into DCS and it is a great product. Glad to have them dedicated toward it’s future.

I know. I’m getting all misty-eyed fanboi over here.


Great podcast for sure and it’s always interesting to hear what ED has cooking. For all of the complaining that can be seen on forums, it’s hard to deny how great this product really is.

My takeaway (as predicted) is the integration of VR controls and 3rd party VR peripherals. The death of the mouse in flight sims is a premature wish right now but undoubtedly is coming. Also Wags acknowledged that terrain is pushing the limits of VR performance to the limit. The good news is that they are working on improving how terrain and VR play together.

While I suppose Korea might be good, personally I’d like a European map.

We’ve had them for WWII for years (Il-2’s, Normandy, etc), but the last time we had a modern jet sim with maps in Europe for a what-if WWIII besides Strike Fighters was…EF2000? I can’t recall if TAW was there too or not. Oh, I guess F4:AF had the Balkans.

Whether it takes place pre-German unification in central Europe, or it’s Baltic-focused, or even just generally Eastern Europe post-unification (Poland getting invaded…again) I’d like the chance to fly over territory that wasn’t Middle East or Black Sea-focused.

Oh…how about India-Pakistan-China-Afghanistan? Close to the PG, yes, but really very different.

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Perhaps Wags would like to redo the North Cape map from his Jane’s F/A-18 days (Northern Norway, Northern Finnland, Kola Peninsula)?