All Controllers In the TRASH!

I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore. A few days ago my old faithful CH stick began to spike. I’ve cleaned it several times in the past and could usually get it to work. But recently the only way to get around the problem was to set up a 10% deadzone on the X axis. My p.o.s Thrustmast T-flight rudder pedals also spiked badly (second set after an exchange with TM). I knew that in my closet I had TWO sets of brand new Logitech G940 sticks/rudders that I acquired through Logitech as they tried to assist me in solving a string of wonky throttles (other than said throttles, they didn’t want the old equipment back). I figured that instead of suffering further I would resurrect the G940 and the marvelous pedals that came with the system. That came with its own problems as the right throttle axis was spikey and a one hat switch on the throttle was intermittent. But I had fixed that five years ago before deciding that FFB wasn’t for me and switching to the old (even back then) CH. Sooooo I spent a whole day setting up each plane in DCS and working through the control setup in IL2. Once done it worked pretty well. The G940 has the craziest button arrangement of any HOTAS which, along with the throttle problems, forced Logitech to rightly dump the whole kit as a failed experiment. But I had forgotten how wonderful the P-51 and IL2 props are with FFB. I was finally back in the saddle! So today I logged onto Blue Flag and grabbed an A-10C. On taxi out my wife wanted to show me her new iPhone car bracket. I lift the VR headset just for a second to peak only to find that I have taxied into the grass. I get back on the pavement and the planes seems ok so I launch. But the gear unsafe warning won’t shut up after retraction. With the handle back down I get three green so I turn back for Kutaisi to repair. I launch again and decide to play with the TGP because with the new button arrangement on the G940 needs to be played with in order to work out old muscle memory. But that hat I am using for both TMS and China Hat doesn’t work at all. I quit and took the thing apart only to remember the Rube Goldberg mess that I had soldered in years ago (remember that although the stick and rudder were new, the throttle had some history). Something in my old handiwork had failed and it would take a day to trace it and repair. Only to likely break again in a month.

So I threw it all away!

The CH throttle and stick
The hopelessly bad TM pedals
The Saitek Pro Pedals that my nephew broke years ago
The Saitek Pro Pedals that I broke last year
The G940 (Franken-)Throttle
2 new in-box G940 sticks with pedals

I love my sim hobby. It taught me to fly when I was 14. It has made me dozens of friends, a couple of whom I have actually physically met. But the equipment is merde. And although I feel that I care for my stuff, the numbers don’t lie, I must myself be at least part of the problem. Anyway, the cost in frustration and time is more than I can bare at the moment. Time to go back to the X-Box and save up for whatever VKBRHZFO Black Magnum Flaming Viper (brakes not included) eastern European monstrosity @Troll recommends :sob:. In the meantime, I cannot fully express how good it felt to fill two trashcans with years of expensive nerd tools. I don’t play golf. But I have heard stories of players getting so frustrated that they toss their new bag full of Pings into the whatever lake is closest to the green. I now understand.


Not one for half measures, eh?

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I saw no half measure available! I chalked it up to cutting my losses (in time).


LOL, I was following a guy off of a tee one time and he ceremoniously snapped all of his Callaway drivers in half and placed them carefully in the trashcan. His drive had gone straight up in the air and came down striking the roof of a golf cart from the foursome following us, who were on the adjacent green. He did not utter a word while doing this.

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Sounds like the first week of January here in our house. We’ve been on a tear…just throwing stuff out the windows (practically) and into the dumpster. It is…nice. Ours was borne less out of frustration than just the realization we have too much junk.

But back to the point. I’ve had my HOTAS Warthog since 2010 (!! - wow…can’t believe it’s been that long!) and they are still going strong. They feel hefty, must have been built pretty well, and thus far haven’t shown any problems. And for pedals, my CH Pro pedals were fantastic for about 7 years before I lost a pedal brake axis. Then I bought those TM T-Flight pedals and I agree, they are horrible. Too light, and the plastic on plastic parts just develop some stickiness that is awful. So I took @Troll up on his offer for the Slaw Device pedals and I have fallen in love with them (so far).

(Troll’s image)


I should probably go ahead and ditch or give away my Track IR too…because after experiencing my Rift, I doubt I’ll ever hook it up again. And even though I don’t want to spend the money, the minute a viable next gen VR headset comes available, I’ll probably go ahead and upgrade from the Rift…that is definitely where flight sims are going.


Our helicopter picked up a guy from a golf course tee box who had struck the ground so hard with his driver, snapped the shaft, the head end of the shaft rebounded off the ground, hit him in the neck and nicked his carotid artery. He almost bled out on the tee box. True story. The helicopter got him to the hospital in time.


Golf. The only gardening extremesport known to man…


LOL Way to stick it to thd man @smokinhole! you brought back memorids of my hardware modifications. at one point i had a ThrustStick. thankfully i havent had any problems for a few years, ever since our old male cat died. :sunglasses:

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Yeah I showed him alright! First order went out today for a new set of MFG Crosswind pedals. I haven’t paid anything so I am uncertain if I have actually ordered but delivery is supposedly around the end of February.


Repeat after me: Cheap potentiometers are not a proper sensor system for controllers.

Glad HAL is now cheap as chips but I am still a bit miffed by how lacklustre the pickup is among major manufacturers. On the other hand, there are now a few fine alternatives that make equipment that can last a decade if taken care for.

BTW, I’ve been searching for the other two corners of the controller troika (stick and throttle) and noticed that Jason Williams’ partnership with VKB called Stratojet ended a year ago. What happened there I wonder. VKB is my next purchase. After that, leaning towards a Warthog throttle.

You will really like the Crosswind pedals. :sunglasses:


Always wanted to give a FFB stick a go, too bad no one makes them anymore that I know of. Would probably end like my last golf outing, smashing a drive but seeing a ball kind of flop not far in front of me. What was I tracking if it’s not my ball? It was the head of the driver that I borrowed from someone who was far far larger than I. That was the last time I went golfing ever.

There’s a swiss company named Brunner that is making some fancy FFB products:

Quite expensive though, but worth saving up for. Got a chance to fondle their controllers for a bit at the last FS Weekend in Lelystad.

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VKB sticks are very nice. I really should pick up one of their latest. I’m intrigued by their damper solution.

The throttle is definately the best part of the WH combo.
Both VKB and VPC have throttles in the pipeline…

I hear they are really nice.
I was going to get the first, white, version, but waited since Milan said he would make grey ones, which I preferred. In the meantime I got hooked on the Slaw Vipers. I do believe that MFG are about to release a «combat» heel on floor style pedals.

Hmm. Maybe Milan will release a pedal upgrade package for the new style. I’m sure the basic mechanism of the rudder pedals will be the same. In any case, even with the existing model it is easy enough fly with your heels on the ground.

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I do believe so, yes.

I saw you there yesterday.

Almost same story here. I was puting into thrash my old, like very old, PC spare parts. Some 56k modem, some AGP video card, many cables and old CDs.

But I also found some nice stuff :slight_smile:

2018-01-11 20_02_32-Clipboard

What we all need now are these vibes

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I am with Beach on this. The Slaw device is the best rudder pedals I ever owned. They are completely solid and sturdy. I recommend them to anyone who does this hobby a lot. If you do a lot of flying like I do, you will wear out CH and Saitek pedals like I have. Ive had my Slaw device Bf 109 pedals since July of 2015. They feel as good as new. They look just like BeachAV8R’s set. I even got the steering damper for extra smooth control. I wish he made joysticks too but he politely refused.