All Started With a Fart Ep.1

Hi all !

Wanted to let you all know we started a new series in my youtube channel (Nub’s Cockpit) called “All Started With a Fart”.

Well we are Serious simulators Gamers but we still have our funny moments, so me and the rest of the crew wanted to share with you all our funny bloopers, fails, private jokes and crashes.

So we do hope you all enjoy and have a good laugh !

Big Credit and thanks: Sargoth, James, Luka, Killjoy & Reality Gaming memebers from the F-86 event.

*** Make sure annotation is on.
***If you want to know from where the name to our series came from, you gonna have to see the last part of the video

Forgot to mention that there are some parts of the arma game in it but 90% is DCS

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LOL @ the F-15 at 2:45… Hehe…that is exactly why we need ED to make some sort of “tug recovery” option from the dirt… The only option is to eject at that point. Always fun when you’ve spent five minutes setting up your A-10 cockpit. Realistic to get stuck? Sure…I get it…but it’d be nice to have a gameplay concession too…

Cool video…I can’t watch it with my kid around…(language) but I enjoy them once I’ve put the little one to bed… :smile:


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lol sorry… about not warning about the language :\ … but i hope u will enjoy and laugh when u see the rest of the video :slight_smile:

That was pretty good, I need that laugh tonight.

Edit; holy necro post, this popped up in my new threads thing…

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lol ya i was pretty shocked to see someone replaying on that thread after 3 months XD hahahaha

but its all good if it made u have a good laugh, and u gave a chance to more ppl to watch it :+1:

Hey, I was shocked that we had a thread that was 3 months old :smile:

lol that too … :wink: