Almost ready to commit to P3D

So with all the talk of FSX:SE outpacing the box FSX version and P3D advancing, I’m seeing that I’m a dinosaur and need to move with the times. I wont use Steam as I don’t like intrusive installers or whatever they use to track the game. So I think P3D is it.

Before I do though, can someone answer a few questions please.
Does it support TrackIR natively?
Does TacPack work in it?
AI traffic? I saw that the plane set is only flyable types? So airports are empty? Jet routes? etc…


I don’t have it and am interested too, but @BeachAV8R does. If you put an ‘at’ sign before a username they get prompted to come look and reply. :smile:

I’m here. Lemme compose my thoughts…



Yes - but it has to be the P3D version of TacPack - and I’m guessing there is a fee to buy it since VRS probably didn’t do the work for nothing.

Yes, there is AI traffic just like FSX. As a matter of fact, in the F-35 article I wrote…you can see all the traffic in this screen on the Tactical Situational Display (TSD):

I plan on writing some stuff on P3D very, very soon (including TacPack stuff)…so watch this space and we’ll have something up soon. I absolutely love the way P3D looks and feels and performs. But I also do love my FSX Steam install. I totally understand the aversion to Steam too…so I don’t fault you for that. I eventually had to succumb out of professional interest… And I’ve found Steam pretty darn convenient despite my anti Big Brother attitude…

Thanks for the question and I’ll have some P3D content up in a few weeks at the outside…

Thanks Chris. I’ll anxiously await your report.

Yes, VRS doesn’t give anything away for free. My subscription for my FSX/TP is up and they want another fee to continue it and update. Amazing, considering the updates have focused more on FSX:SE and took many months to complete/release.

But based upon your initial replay, I’ll make the move to P3D very soon.

Thank you again. Love the site. Very knowledgeable and free from the bitching of other places.


I have FSX and FSX SE, tried P3D V1 and then V2 and opted for the no fuss refund LM were good enough to offer for V2, LM talk about a 64 bit version and I’m inclined to wait for that but there is no guarantee a V3 (they have said V2.5 is the last V2 version) will be 64 bit … kinda hard to keep buying add ons for P3D that is a moving target IMHO and find they wont work or need to wait for patching.

I recently built a new PC and did a fresh install of FSX that is now pretty much perfect for my tuning state … but that took a while to get to that stage, I think on my next format I’ll try FSX SE as most of my third party software will work with SE apparently but I do know of one or two items that wont at this stage.

I bought X-Plane 10 64 bit in the recent steam sale and have yet to really delve into it, but I dont see it replacing my FSX addiction.

Finally as regards Steam … I used to feel like the OP and was wary of it, but its really fine and not obtrusive at all, far from it I can have the same game installed on the three PC’s I have here and Steam will track its saved games or progress that is a really neat feature, also for the times you need to format the days of finding where saved games are stored are over, its all on Steam cloud that is not sinister at all, don’t know if that applies to FSX pilot records and suchlike though?

Dovetail are talking about releasing an improved Flight Simulator in the future, be interesting to see if they beat the promised LM 64 bit P3D to public release?

We’ll see.

Had some money left over from a recent TDY, so I popped on it last night. Along with P3D compatible VRS TacPack & F/A-18E. Ran the installer over lunch and before I go crazy installing aircraft and peripheral programs, I’ll learn it’s workings.


After a week of messing with P3D, my initial thoughts are pretty good. Because it’s running DX11, vs DX9 in FSX, I’m blown away by the smooth and vibrant display. Very few, if any, texture issues. Shadows actually move around the cockpit without causing severe FPS issues. And this on a 4 year old NVidia 460M video card.

The default terrain was lacking, so I quickly purchased and added ORBX Global which enhanced the overall world. It’s still missing some local rivers, but a very nice upgrade. (any thoughts on MegaSceneryEarth state sceneries???)

I did add a few aircraft, but will hold off until the arrival of my new machine. There, I will begin creating my simming world within P3D.


@ST0RM - I haven’t tried the MegaSceneryEarth stuff. I did spend a ridiculous amount of money in Orbx’s last sale (I think around $250 and bought Global, Vector, and all of the North America scenery areas (but not the individual airports). It does look fantastic… And I agree, the smoothness of DX11 is pretty cool. I love P3D.