Altered Carbon

I know some people have watched this. General thoughts? It got generally good reviews from what I’ve read/heard, but holy smokes I just can’t watch it.

It took me three separate sittings to finish episode 1, and I didn’t make it through 10 mins of ep 2 before passing out. It’s just so slow. There’s like nothing to it. Now I hear there’s some great scenes throughout the show, but I just don’t think I can continue. And I love sci-fi stuff. This is just… wow I can’t figure it out, so boring.

On my radar… Still haven’t had the time.


Watched 20 minutes. Not my bag.

It was on my Netflix queue, but you’ve scared me off @Rhinosaurus :wink:

It has the looks of a ‘dollar store Blade Runner’ thing, but I still might give it a go. Lots of noir rain and technobabble distopia is usually my thing.

well I mean it’s super hyped and lots of people seem to like it. I wanted to like it. It just really didn’t click.

And now I miss out on all that nudity! lol

Watched it over the weekend … I enjoyed it, as others have said. Very Blade runner ( dark streets neon signs and flying cars) but some new interesting ideas there as well

I’m 7 episodes in now and have enjoyed the show. There have been some moments where I’ve done the head scratching “huh?” thing, but that’s probably just because I’m such a simpleton :slight_smile: Certainly have not regretted spending the time to watch what I’ve seen so far…

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It’s on the Netflix list to watch but so much to watch!

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I finished it a few weeks back when it first came out. I thought it was actually pretty good.

Well, seems like mostly just me! It is what it is.

After 4 episodes, I’m hooked. Had I only watched it he first, my opinion wouldnt have been very high. But the series really got my attention about half way through e2 during the scene where the AI had assumed characters in a poker game. “You’ve got to stop serving humans and begin serving up humans.” I really like the AI Poe character and the Raven hotel. Great stuff.

The nudity and sex are carried off with reasonable aplomb, the sets are lavish, and the cast is well chosen, even if some of the dialog is cliche. The science is not on par with The Expanse, but the overall plot is compelling enough to overlook most of the details.

Joel Kinnaman impressed in The Killing, and I expect him to carry the part of the tortured, unscrupulous detective with ease. And while it will be hard to imagine James Purefoy as someone other than Rome’s Marc Antony, it will be interesting to see if he can add some depth to his current somewhat shallow character. To be sure, Martha Higareda is not hard on the eyes.

I bet that the book is a great read.

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Having watched altered carbon and just watched blade runner 2049 … I have to say I preferred altered carbon …now I was a big fan of the original blade runner but 2049 just felt very bland and uninteresting. And seemed to have lost the whole point of the first film, the whole question of what is human

We must be the balance in life as my feeling towards B.R. 2049 are exactly complimentary.
Mainly thanks to the slow pace, I had time to think while watching and I truly felt the whole point was being discussed first in subtext and then (around half way through when- he finds the wooden horse point) was clearly obvious THE point.

I was literally glued to my seat and It left me emotionally involved, by the end.
It really blew me away.

Eh? Didn’t Gosling spend at least 20 minutes in the rain with a serious expression on his face staring into the camera while the script said something like [PONDER ABOUT IF YOU ARE HUMAN] in the margin? :slight_smile:


Thats Ba-ba-ba-aaarmy

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Watched half of the first episode and love it so far.

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Oh man, S1E4 was hard to get through, but worth it in the end. Through E5 and it’s gets better each episode. The sets are amazing.

A friend on my lacrosse team texted me that he went to Cornell with the actor Ato Essandoh (Vernon Elliot). Says that he has a good fraternity rush story when he sees me.

Things really pick up steam around episode 7 so if you can make it that far…

He he, just watched the Fight Drone episode, and thought that it was really well done, Was not expecting a certain character from TWD to make an appearance.