Am I Going Back from VR to TrackIR?

the ultrawides are fancy but why to restrict vertical fov? I cant see them useful for anything but cars and air buses.

I guess I lack the experience to change my mind.

Personally, I enjoy the added side peripheral, whether flying or racing. I see what you’re saying, but the loss in verical FOV isn’t game breaking, imo. To-may-to, to-mah-to. :disguised_face:


I have so much to say about this. Unfortunately im working 12hrsX7 days. My nights get an hour of play time then i sleep.
Lets see, i have been simming since 2001.
I remember how il2 kept moving the goal posts… You would buy a video card and build a pc then the go 1080. Now they move to 1440 and you chase that goal. And so it went for years.
Ive owned 4 VR headsets and i own a Pimax Crystal that i have never taken delivery of. The base im on does not allow delivery of anything w batteries. This has forced me to go 2D for the last couple of months. In that time I bought the best monitor I have ever owned. I have an ASUS ROG swift PG32Q 32". Its 2k, fast IPS, 144, G-SYNC and the whole kit and kaboodle. Love is in the air… its the first time ive had a really good monitor. And mind you… its 2k not 4k. I feel like im not chasing perfection in vr no more. Not playing the same game i did in 2010s.
But how does it compare to vr? Several things have started happening since i went 2D. Most have to do with being in touch w my surroundings.
I have become more interested in Real flying instead of just pew, pew, pew.
Things like NBD, ILS and aircraft systems are at the forefront of my mind. Its all a lot easier when i can read and research what im doing. I have learned a lot more without VR. I made my first flight plan and put it on a document reader. Its just awesome.
In the meantime im enjoying a tea or a coffee. I dont worry nearly as much about spilling.
I do a lot of periphrial programming and this is a lot more pleasant now.
So do i miss my VR? YOU BET I DO!!! But from now on, it will have a time and place in my sim time. Learning new aircraft, systems and navigation are things better done in 2D. Pew, pew, and Racing in particular will be all in VR. But maybe not all. See, i have started to enjoy il2 1946 again. Its got one aspect that no other sim has captured for me. The furball… No other sim (DCS comes 2nd) has the immersion and feeling of combat. When you put more than 6 aircraft in the air in a small apace, 1946 reigns Supreme. Im not Breaking My Neck to check 6. Again, more enjoyment.
I also enjoy MSFS 2020 a lot more in 2D because again, im looking things up and researching. Having my face available helps.
So that my friends is my two cents.


That 2 cents was worth at least a quarter! The “new” IL2 is capable of some pretty impressive furballs also.

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