Amazing factoid about the F-16 , this blew my mind when i read it!

Yeah, I am too old for ‘amazing’, ‘blew my mind’ and ‘exclamation mark’ in one sentence. That or it is the way internet now works and I didn’t get it :smile:

No offense oc we have more threads like this here these days :slight_smile:

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None taken,

Yet exactly the reason I posted it in this category . I seen no off-topic category and this ones description seemed to cover the post actual subject.



The title got you here, didn’t it!

It’s called clickbaiting. The title is hyped up but the actual content inside is only that the F-16 is kinda old :sweat_smile:

More like teaser really .

  click baiting is a form of false advertisement . Since it did blow my mind to be made aware the F-16 is actually that old by comparison to the Spit , we have no falsehoods here :stuck_out_tongue: .

just Honest sensationalism :crazy_face:

LoL , sorry could not help myself…

Peace ! :v:


Naaah, it’s cool. As you noticed we’re all friends here.

The B-52 will be the first generational bomber, where you could ostensibly fly combat in the same plane your great-grandfather flew.


With all the upgrades over the years it may eventually only be a data plate that is the same though.



Theseus’ B-52