AMD wowing just about everybody at computex

If anyone is reviewing all the streams, AMD is pulling no punches and on paper, is looking pretty killer in the cpu mobo department even though the 16 core chip is rumoured for a delay.

But holy mother of God, 11 watt draw on the mobo and whilst speaking about mobos, how do people feel about fans going back on boards?

End of this year may be looking good for upgrade time and ending up with a killer rig!!

JUst need to get a my own personal nuclear reactor and artic cool aircon to keep this beast running


It’s good that AMD puts pressure on Intel, as it’ll squeeze the prices, which is good for everyone. Info on the new processors:

In terms of our sims, I’m still wanting something to use more than a couple of CPU cores, so going from 8 cores at 5.0 GHz to 12 cores at 4.6 GHz isn’t super appealing as yet. The prices are better though and it will be great for video and encoding work.

I just hope that the chip designers consider making them secure as well as fast.

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Was waiting for it! Super happy of my Ryzen 2700x probably will go for the update!

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Competition is always good. Usually means better products for us all. Looking forward to this kind of battle again. Lately seemed like Intel/Nvidia just stomp AMD and move on.

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Bang for the buck though AMD was a lot cheaper for the same performance, though they lacked a little in the higher segment. Now, they blow everything out of the water in a big way!

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This has been the problem since we started getting more than 1 core. Games aren’t just a little behind what’s new in cpu’s, they’re seemingly always way way behind. AMD Phenom II X6 was what, a decade ago do we even have full utilization of that one now? :stuck_out_tongue:

I get why, it just kinda stinks cause I’ve always liked to have the newest cpu tech when I do upgrade, it’s just never really paid off for gaming unfortunately.