American airshows rock


Avalon airshow wall of fire (with sound) : melbourne (


Was that in Australia? My wife said America and I never gave it much thought :thinking:

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To tangentially bump this topic, rather than starting a new one, I’ve been to a bunch of events in Australia this year where locals have partnered with a US event, and brought the management in to help set it up.

Now, I’m as parochial as the next proud Aussie, but I have to give credit where credit is due - the US knows how to organise an event!

The most recent was the Pacific Airshow at the Gold Coast in Queensland over the 19th and 20th of August 2023. It was a great show, and having anthems sung and a properly enthusiastic presenter who kept going for four and a half hours with only a single break really helped the atmosphere!

Here’s a short reel of my highlights:
Torc’s highlights of the Pacific Airshow (mil edition)

A local guy has done a version without any of the commentary or music here:
JC’s Pacific Airshow highlights

And RAAF have released the in-cockpit video of the Super Hornet display practise on Friday before the event:
RAAF Super Hornet airshow display - in cockpit

(Edit: I literally just learned how to get the video to appear inline in the post… :joy:)