AMS2 beta out


anyone else enjoying the new Automobilista 2 beta that just came out yesterday? Graphics are really a nice upgrade from Automobilista 1. To me the driving physics seem quite nice, though I heard otherwise as well. But I guess they’ll upgrade anything anyway, if we like or not :smiley:



Got any specific link?

I’m guessing people are under NDA but I saw the announcement on RaceDepartment. I avoided Automobilista 1 and stuck with Assetto and Project Cars. Anyway, what little I’ve seen of A2 is making it quite attractive.

Here are a few links, I’ve visited (hopefully you don’t need to sign up to view them).

FAQ: Automobilista 2 FAQ | Reiza Studios Forum

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Whoa cool!

Picked up AMS2 last night. It’s Early Access, but only $30… 40% off the eventual full price when the full version is released. For being EA, it has a huge lineup of cars and tracks. If anyone is remotely into sim racing, check this title out. Buy it now to save money, let it sit on your computer while it’s developed if you don’t want to deal with headaches, and eventually you’ll have a great product.

I’ve never heard of it. Based on another sim, or newly developed? That is an impressive lineup of tracks. Does it allow third party dev?

It uses the madness engine from Project Cars 2. But the driving already feels sufficiently different to PC2, to say it’s a new game, rather than a glorified mod.

Drawback I noticed so far is that the net code for online racing is a bit rough. E.g. chassis to chassis racing like in AMS 1 (which is based on rFactor 1) is not really an option, as the collision boxes seem to interfere.

In Single Player I already had quite some fun, but there’s no championship yet, just individual races.

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Threw together this video after 1 week of early access. Not much to expect from Early Acess, but out of the box it offers quite a few cars and tracks.


I’ll probably wait until it’s fully cooked, but good to hear about VR being a priority. The weather representation looks promising as well.

Recommend buying it now at it’s discounted price $30 USD (40% off) than waiting until version 1 is released at $50. You can let it sit in your virtual garage in the meantime.

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I decided to try AMS2 last night before heading off to bed. My wife had more or less given me the night off to drive, the majority of which I spent knocking out 18 rally stages in DiRT Crack 2.0. So, was probably not fresh enough to give more than a first look.

I selected P1 prototypes at Interlagos. My sole configuration was calibrating my G29 and setting up a button for VR view reset. The sim properly detected and correctly assigned my controls otherwise. Did not bother looking at the FFB tab. For reference, I leave my settings on their defaults in the Logitech app.

Out of the box, there were a few issues with the GUI, which will most likely get resolved before getting out of EA. FFB felt pretty good in the P1, with a bit more force than I was used to in either Assetto Corsa or DR2. Overall, the game setup could not of have easier. As reviewed online, the FFB might have been lacking some fine detail as compared to RF2, but I really had no complaints and could easily enjoy driving the P1 as is. Did not test other cars.

Having not driven Interlagos in probably a decade and with only about 5 laps of practice, I moved on to qualifying, in which I dutifully brought up the rear. Not that far off the pace, but the turn 5 double apex was giving me fits, until about halfway through the race, when observing AI refreshed my memory of this track, and I began adjusting my lines and braking points. My times got better each lap for the 10 lap race, but eventually lost the few spots that had been gained in the first laps back to the AI. The AI out of the box were deceptively quick, in that while I would close on them in the braking zone, they would squirt away, in perfect slow-in, fast-out style, as they should. I did get bumped rather aggressively a few times that probably would be fine in NASCAR, but wouldn’t hold up to FIA endurance scrutiny.

The track seemed to have accurate mesh resolution and layout design. The curbs worked well enough and held no major surprises. Sounds were good. Really no major complaints for a beta.

I drive mostly rally sims these days, but due to its ease of setup, good FFB, smooth VR graphics, and competitive AI, I was not disappointed at the purchase. Will be good to drive back to back with AC and compare the two.


Right on. Yeah the menu system definitely needs work and they know that, but I think it’s one of the last things they will polish before v1.0. Understandably.
Check out the karts when you get a chance.


Just 2 clicks to Low MSAA and STEAMVR SS at 110%. 90 fps VR.

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And it’s released as version 1.0. They will sell it with the discount for a few more days or weeks:

Tried the Brazilian Stockers at Brands Hatch and Donnington and it is fantastic. FFB is spot on. AI was well behaved and only shunted me when I deserved it, LOL. My only complaint is that I couldn’t get TrackIR working and the NVidia video capture. Otherwise really great.