An abomination from the past

I was going through pictures tonight to put together a Christmas slideshow when I came upon this old project from college. The exercise was just to create an aircraft that the USAF would want. It was a total time waster of an assignment, but it was fun.

I combined an F-111 with an F-16XL. I thought I would share with all of you, because why not? I welcome your thoughts. Do you think it would even fly? if so, how well?

Feel free to discuss and even post your own creations. AND, per the rules, I mentioned the F-111 so I must tag @Bogusheadbox


I personally really like that design … it has some xb70 Valkyrie vibes to it :grinning:


That looks awesome. Love the massive crank in the wing. Mean

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I LOVE the cranked arrow wing. I kinda wish I knew how to model so I could fly it in X-Plane to test the flight dynamics.

Side by side viper type cockpit. Left side like front of viper, right side like the back, except dual controls.

It should supercruise like the XL. Carries tons of gas and ordinance with those wings.

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Oooh that’s hella sexay!

hot alyssa milano GIF


All of my sketches from my teenage years were of something like a smaller YF-23 with a more conventional empennage. Fast forward to the current day… and that’s basically an F-35 so I’m going to claim I was on to something.

I won’t mention they went into space as well in my daydreams :wink:


You know, you put a hinge at that crank and you have a replacement for the Vigilante…


top silhouette of the wings, you just need a bit of a downward angle on that crank :grinning:


mmm. You know, Alyssa Milano was the only reason I watched the entirety of “Charmed”. Thanks for the comparison. High praise.

You know, I hadn’t thought about that, but yeah. And I Like the Vig, too. All except that poop chute bomb delivery system that makes you throw away 2 fuel tanks as well.

That’s pretty rad.


I never watched the series Charmed. I was working waaaaaaaaay too many hours during that time frame.

I definitely agree that Alyssa Milano was a hot number back then. I have seen pictures of her recently and for 51 she still looks pretty darn good.


I was working 6 month rotations at the time. When I was home, my wife would binge watch it. I didn’t mind. The premise is dumb, but it wasn’t bad.

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