An early start on the 2017 Christmas Odyssey

I thought I should move this to a separate thread rather than hijack the XP11 screenshots thread. Sorry for the initial duplication…

Seeing as we have been given a heads up as to the destination for the annual Christmas jaunt, I thought I had better get a head start this year as I know my RL flying schedule will start to get busier over the coming months.

I am going to attempt the trip to Christmas Island in the VSkyLabs DC3. Here are some shots from my first leg - Austin (KAUS) to Amarillo TX.

On the Atlantic Aviation ramp at KAUS. This is the FBO the plane I fly is based at. This is using the KAUS scenery I picked up at

Taxying out to RW 17L

Taking the runway.

Climbing away from Austin Bergstrom Intl

Flying through a patchy cloud layer…

Same area…

Texas is kind of flat until you get farther West. Nice shadows from the clouds!

Left Downwind for Runway 22 at Amarillo…

Gear down, about to turn base.

Parked… I hope they don’t intend to put Jet-A in my tanks!

It’s a neat airplane to fly, although a bit labor intensive. You really have to babysit the airplane, even when the autopilot is engaged (such as it is)…


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