An easier way to land?

That’s actually pretty close to my preferred method of landing the Cessna 140 I fly, smoothly reduce to idle on the downwind and keep it close in base-final, no flaps, slip if needed. It’s a lot more fun than dragging it in, and if the engine fails I won’t notice until I taxi clear.


I was going to say that also works for a 152 as well, albeit I usually a few knots to the approach in a right slip (left rudder/right aileron) because a crusty old CFI once told me that in a more than moderate slip that air over the static port tends to burble a bit causing the airspeed to read high. I never researched this but it seemed to be words of wisdom.


Late to this thread…but reading over @jross’s comments… I just have to say that the most fun I’ve had landing in DCS has always been with the MiG-21. It always feels like work…and always feels like disaster is looming. I love it.


This describes my helo landings perfectly. DCS is my favorite for landing, I love the russian birds because everything is metric

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