An explaination for why Jester seems distracted sometimes

Hats off to Heatblur :slight_smile:


At least he has a chance to pilot something for a change :wink:


The rivet counters can complain all day long, but it’s things like this that make a module so much fun!

So, had anyone deciphered how to activate this? “round, figure, circle, constant.” Guessing “round” and “circle” are zeroes?


I am guessing it is a hint at what needs to be entered in the data pad on the left. Maybe Pi?

Go into the pie chart. Hit “personal conversation with Jester”.

Then select, “Hey Jester, I’ve been meaning to tell you…”

Followed by, “Ever since that volley ball game.”

At this point he will say, “Yo Mav, you are starting to weird me out, bro”

Ignore him. Select, “So hear me out. Dude you’ve got some awesome abs!”

He will then say, “Listen Mav, I am married to Meg Ryan and I’ve got at kid. I’m not ready for this s***.

Press with, “I think the chemistry we have is real. Anyway, Meg is into the other Tom. You can do better!”

He will counter with, “I am going tune out for five minutes and run some ‘tests’ on the radar.”

Hit “2” and watch him play!


:rofl: You got issues man! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ve been told! :see_no_evil:

I did not even think of that! Nice!

Looks like you were right! I tried entering Pi after you mentioned it, but just didn’t have the right number of digits.


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