An interesting vr chair


They have had delays bringing this idea to fruition, so it isn’t out yet, but it’s certainly an intriguing prospect!


For flightsimsi don’t feel the need, for everything else…


I think I don’t understand.
It just… rotates? That’s all?
It looks like it could be kinda nice in room scale VR for people who don’t want to stand, but sit. But for everything else…


They had me at “Delayed Over Safety Concerns”. Anything like that has got to be cool!


Thats kind of the point. Unlike my nine year old niece who can stand and happily pirouette across the room for extended periods in vr, I get tired and want to sit… while still spinning around and trying not to worry about tangled cables that occasionally trip my niece (thud) and threaten to trip me.


Heh, my daughter (2) doesn’t need either VR, pirouettes or cables for that. She’ll just go “cuteface-cuteface-cuteface-THUD-Whaaaaaa!”


Sounds familiar! :smile:



I have “get down off the” WHAM “sofa” :roll_eyes:


Whenever I think I have a good enough setup going…


I saw this when it first came out. I almost posted it in the Avsim Vr section, but due to the cussing (even if bleeped) I decided not, to as they can be a bit delicate, depending on the mod. :smiley: