And so it begins again (hurricane season..)

I take an inordinate interest in tropical weather. I always have since I’m a windsurfer. When I was living at the beach I was always keeping an eye for the storms that would come close enough to provide nice, sailable conditions. Now that I deploy every so often for FEMA contracts to move patients, I have another reason to keep an eye on things.

So it looks like we have our first possible tropical system headed toward the Gulf (maybe) with a possible strike date of Sunday or Monday. The water temperatures aren’t really conducive to much more than a tropical storm…probably not a categorized hurricane. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds this year.

Here is a look at “Invest 90” currently organizing over the Yucatan Peninsula…

Here is a great site to look at atmospheric models. Usually they are all over the place for 5-7 days out and start to come together a few days out:

No matter what happens with Invest 90, it looks like it will be an extremely wet weekend ahead for the southeastern US…


Yeah, and I’m headed over to Orlando on Monday. :expressionless:

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Good Morning…Alberto…!

Rachio irrigation controller program hold: enabled

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Even the storm is afraid of @Magnum50… He used his repelling powers to shift it west…

I don’t miss that about South Texas. I sure do love not dealing with extreme weather here in Minneso-

lol, I don’t even worry about any storm until around Late July, and then only if coming right at us, cat 4 or 5… born and raised in FLORIDA, anything under a 3 is just some rain and wind. PLUS, Florida house codes are pretty strong, I mean that direct hit high Cat 4 last year, only caused a leak in about a 3 square foot area of the roof. Pretty good if you ask me. :wink:

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The rain has been frequent enough to be annoying. Got soaked in a 15 minute squall on Monday, Tuesday was largely dry, but Wed was miserably wet so we went home early.

Headed back tomorrow!

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