And so it begins... Windows 10 Installs

I have five computers and started the Win10 install on the first one a few minutes ago, planning to do all over the next few days. Maybe I picked a bad week to stop taking Excedrin…



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Color me ‘impressed’ with Teamviewer and the remote Hollo Pointe upgrade. It took maybe 6 minutes before HP showed up again in Teamview once the restart was pressed, when it did there was a Win10 upgrading circle at about 80%. Hmmm, missions are missing but that is easy to fix.


All went well. Win10 added things I was quick to remove, like Twitter. One annoyance has returned – moving a window from one screen to the other and the mouse will bump into the screen edge. In Win8.1 I tracked it down to Skype and uninstalled it and I could move windows back and forth smoothly again.


@WreckingCrew I HATE THAT. If you can figure out a way to stop it in windows 10, I’m all ears.

Maybe Cortana can help. :sunglasses:

Edit → HERE is an answer. This solution turns off Aero Snap, which is the feature that lets you move a window to a screen edge to ‘dock’ it there.