And that is why you don't fly near wires

Cameraman knows whats up.

Here’s the same clip, a bit longer: Helicopter Crashes - Original HD footage - YouTube

Holy **** O_O

If this is the incident I’m (sort of) remembering, there’s another camera view where a ground worker is pulling on one of the cables, ostensibly trying to move it out of the chopper’s path, but his pulling of the cable at the bottom actually brings the top of the cable closer to the helo’s rotors.

[edit: below. at about 0:25 a worker in a black shirt jumps up to grab a cable, which causes the other end of the cable to go into the helo’s blades]

It’s a bit obscure, but you can see that in the other clip as well. I’m guessing he is coming down to get the cable removed, but the wire seems to be too short for that to be practical.

Yeah, I see him jump up at 0:06, just as the camera man goes by him.

I don’t think he will do that again though :smirk: