And the wait is on.....with Vipril

Just ordered the Vipril Mongoose Joystick with Throttle and mounts for the joystick…wippie…
Backorder,well that’s what you get for ordering during Black Friday.

But I did save about $200 Euro…wow.


Virpil gear are almost always on backorder due to small production batches. But their claimed 1-2 week average backorder time seems to hold though. Could be longer due to increased demand, of course. :slight_smile:

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Hey, settling in for the wait with you here.
I went for the basic collective with Hawk grip. 20% off, all in all, nice.
I wonder if it will show up before Christmas? Fingers crossed!

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Great choice well worth the wait :+1:

so you guys saying that now is the time for the WAR BRD grip, stick and extension!? :slight_smile:

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Isn’t grip and stick the same thing?
In case you meant WarBRD base, stick and extension than be careful as the WarBRD base is not to be used with an extension.

If you want an extension, go with the Mongoos-T base.

Other than that - yes, any time is good to go with Virpil :+1:

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I have been thinking about this myself…
In the past, a ‘Stick’ or ‘Joystick’ was the complete controller. Now, with interchangeable grips, or handles, we separate them into a base with a grip. But I guess you can look at the base as being the joystick and the grip is just an add on. Anyway, a lot of people use the word ‘stick’, when talking about the base.
Now to a more important question.
Grip…or handle…? :wink:

As for the WarBRD with an extension.
VPC says the WarBRD base isn’t suited for the extension because it has a wider angle of movement, which is exacerbated by the extension, and it has weaker centering springs than the MT-50CM2. However, you can use the extension with the WarBRD and it is also possible to use harder springs with it, if you source them yourself.
That said, if you’re going with a centermounted stick with an extension, I would recommend getting the MT-50CM2.

Oh dear, isn’t our hobby getting complicated?

I do not disagree with you @Troll :+1:

Though while my WarBRD definitely gives me joy, the thing that sticks out of it is the grip :laughing:

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Others call that the cable… :wink:

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