And with that... RETIRED!

As longtime friends know I retired in April, but stayed on in the drop program… got called into the chiefs office today, seems a citizen made a complaint on a Facebook reply I posted (my Facebook is private for family and Army buds only, but I guess my reply to a News organization post wasn’t), where I responded to a black lives matter video calling for dead cops and fried bacon… I replied their F’in animals… so was told, be fired or resign, picked resign… looks like more gaming time finally, less stress… no regrets, had a great 30 year career, glad it’s over in todays society.


Glad you made it Magnum - without going WCE…society has some odd things happening these days. If I could transplant my job (which I love) to Idaho or Montana…I’d move in a second. Three decades is no joke…I’ll bet you could write a book. Time to catch up on that backlog of Steam library items…!

Best wishes in retirement…!

Overgeneralizing is always bad.

Congrats on your retirement and thank you for your service.

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Congrats! What are you retiring from?

Police work… 30 years total. Been great, like I said no regrets.


Ah congrats! Any big plans?

Congrats @Magnum50! :tada:

Now you’ll have plenty of time for gaming and motorcycling…

People don’t respect how difficult the job of police work is. Good on you for stepping up for that kind of work. Enjoy that retirement.

All one has to do is open the police scanner for their local area up on a web-browser and listen in for an evening. The volume and nuttiness of the calls is astounding. I was on my way home last week at 3AM and got passed on the highway by a car full of criminals (I later learned) doing about 130 in a BMW. Four cops were chasing them…they finally caught them in the town next to mine after they bailed…they got 3 of the 4 of them. The total disregard for life as they were going down the highway was sickening. I know one thing…I don’t have the temperament to be a cop…I’d get so angry at the little stuff that I’d end up suspended in a week.

I’m glad Mag mad it through to the other end. :cop:

True. Unfortunately there’s always a few bad apples that spoil the reputation of the whole bunch.

Congratulations on your final retirement from police work, @Magnum50! You will find something to enjoy and I do hope you get that man cave tricked out if not already.


Now that I’m retired able to upload and share a few videos from my past LE work… got 100’s but got to only share what doesn’t show other officers who are still working, for their protection… nothing great, just some K9 training, and gun range time… almost all near the end of my career.

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Cool videos. That MP5 looks like fun to shoot…

The dog videos are cool too. Is there a “release” command you give him (was that Shadow?) that he will obey each time, or is it a more physical action that requires you to be hands on with the dog…?

And that narcotics wall run is so damn cool. Dogs are awesome. My cat would be like…uh…no…I think I’m gonna just lay here and look at you condescendingly…