Andor (Star Wars series) - Disney+

Cassian Andor, from Rogue One is getting his own series. Streaming soon on Disney+

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They’ve been talking about this for years, FINALLY something to see.

He’s not getting any younger, so making this a prequel to Rogue One means they risked running out the clock on getting this done before his appearance made it obvious it was filmed years later and not before! Not shown here - Alan Tudyk reprising his role as K-2SO.

Rogue one filmed in 2015 I think, so it’s already been 5 years, and it may be a full 5 after R1’s release before Andor is finally out.

Rogue One was a good movie, but I think it was a mistake to kill off the lead characters. Now we are going to see this series, knowing that Andor is doomed. It’s depressing before the series even starts IMHO.

I am not even a huge fan of Rogue One but I still agree.
Many people liked the characters it seems. It will be sad to watch a show in which you know how it is going to end.

…but then… Star Wars did this before and it didnt ruin the movies/shows. Might be OK.

Apparently some or many of the main characters originally survived but the film ending was seen as a mess. They brought in another director to reshoot the ending with different scenes and he killed them all off.
So which is better, a good ending where all the characters die, or a poor one where they live?

Well, I kind of want it all… a good ending where the characters live (some of them at least). ;). I think the characters had the potential for a few more (money making) adventures. Plus, the ending was such a downer that I haven’t felt compelled to watch it again, or buy it on iTunes.

Anything is possible. Fett is back from the Sarlac pit, so…

Possible spoiler was spoiler tagged. Sorry.

What is the time sequence of The Mandolorian series? I mean, I know it is before the events of the Empire and Rebellion…or at least it seems it is right as that stuff is kicking off. I guess Boba Fett wasn’t alive yet during the Mandorian period though correct?

5 years after ROTJ. Remaining Empire factions are scattered throughout the system in hiding.

Spoiler if you plan to watch the series:

Boba Fett is alive. I guess the Sarlacc couldn’t digest his beskar armor.


The overall timeline is Prequel Films, with Clone Wars cartoon being between Ep 2 and finally ending during the events of Ep 3, then Solo, then Rebels, then Rogue One, then classic trilogy, then Mandalorian 5 years later, then Resistance is immediately before Ep 7, 30 years after fall of Emperor, thru Ep 8 ending before Ep 9.

Andor is probably going to be concurrent with some part of Rebels (which takes place over like 4 years, as they mention the pilot ep is the 15th anniversary of Empire Day, the day Palpatine declares the Empire, and Luke is 19 in Ep IV). I don’t know if they plan on finishing the series with a lead-in to Rogue One or not.

Obi-Wan is going to be in that middle area, too, probably before Rebels, around the time of Solo.


I admit not keeping up with the Star Wars saga, other than watching any new “episode” upon release, and then revisiting each of them with my kids. Beyond that I probably don’t give a lot of thought to Star Wars. What I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t know an Andor if it bit me in the behind.

By one of my brothers and I spend a fair effort attempting to one-up the other with either an excellent series or Audible book. To suffer the embarrassment of recommending something that doesn’t hold up, or otherwise isn’t deeply intriguing is intolerable.

So, he has my curiosity by a continual nudge to add Disney+ for the sole purpose of watching this series. He only sends the finest, so I imagine that it is quite good. I’m in as soon as The Last of Us is completes S1.


Sir you will love it. Your brother is not wrong. Stick with it. Like a work of literature, your mind will need a little while to adjust to the framing of the thing, to get to know who’s who, what’s what and why. And after you’ve chewed through that outer shell, boy howdy will it take off!

Enjoy. It’s starwars for grownups.


Couldn’t have said it better. In the movies and the other spin-offs, the Empire were ‘cartoon’ Nazi’s. Andor reveals them for the totally evil [email protected] that they are.


I highly recommend Andor. It’s a slow start but once it gets going there is no holding back.


is it better than Mandalorian ?

Prepared to take the hit on this, but yes.

I nearly gave up after episode three, glad I didn’t. For me, best of them all.

dont get me wrong, I watched one and half episode of Mandalorian and feels like Lord Of The Rings to me, lot of walking :slight_smile:

disclaimer : SW universe is like any other universe to me, wide and dim

In my opinion Andor is the best Star Wars TV series so far. It sets a very high bar.

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after first episode, looks promising.

dont get me wrong, as I am not that into SW, I can be only positively surprised I would say.

Mandalorian was too much runnin n’ gunnin from what little I watched. but guess it depends on the actual mood.

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