Android tablet recommendations?

I am currently needing a tablet to use as a full color ereader and portable Netflix monitor. I won’t be gaming or doing anything computationally intense. I prefer a larger screen to PDF’s don’t need to be scrolled around to view an entire page.

Thanks in advance!

It has a steep price point, but I’m quite happy with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra from Samsung. I use it foremost for Amazon Prime videoing, reading some PDF for gaming and as simhub display when racing. It is probably a bit overkill for those purposes, but it does the job quite well, minus the somewhat short battery time.


Previously mentioned Samsung is probably the best for media consumption.

Then there are Lenovo Tab p11 Pro and p12 Pro, which also use OLED displays and are good for this purpose and are considerably more affordable. I have the p11 pro model and am very happy with it.

Still use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 for all reading - PDFs, Kindle etc

you dont need to, to make it crawl so to say. high resolution display by it self can send particular hw to its knees.

its the same as with PCs, the higher resolution you want to push the more horse-power you need.

I mean some tablets cant hold stable 60Hz/fps even displaying browser. then it can be quite heavy on your eyes. lower res panels are less hw demanding but picture is not nice. thats why I dont use tablets for reading. ebook reader all the way!

As portable Netflix monitor I use, for some time now, Lenovo M10 Plus (FHD). works as advertised, no issues yet, display could be bigger, the mentioned 11" / 12 " could work nicely imo. and the Pro could add some horses.

for reading I use PockeBook InkPad X (10"). they have also one with color e-ink display but its only 8".

We got one in 2019, and it quickly became my wife’s default device. I quite like it, but finding a reasonable refurb is a pain, and I hate dealing with returns if necessary.

That is a good point.

If i could find one that handled color PDF’s gracefully and with good color rendition, I think I’d just watch netflix on my phone and be happy. I much prefer E-ink displays for reading.

zactly, was really torn between that color 8" PocketBook and b&w 10" one. went for the 10" eventually. did they sell color 10" will most probably own it now :slight_smile:

but oc the colors are still inferior in comparison with lcd’s.

No clue how well they will work in the long run but I just bought two of these from Amazon. I upgraded to the one without ads and doubled the HD to 64GB.


I actually have a tab open with looking at the fire. It seems like a pretty decent option.

It seemed that way to me also. I went all in buying two of them, although they were on sale at 1/2 off, so I hope I did not miss something.


I ended up picking up the Fire HD 10 tablet, pretty much perfect for what I was after. On sale at ~$100, it’s a solid deal.

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