Angry Birds VR



If Since you liked AB on your mobile device, you’re going to love them in VR!

Hilarious!! :bird: :pig_nose:




Well… Pretty much everyone gave angry Birds a go :slight_smile:


Thanks! Corrected.


HAHAHA Yeah that does look better!

(Thank you always and forever for appreciating my sometimes brash-ish humor :P)


Can confirm, really fun in VR :shushing_face:




When my son was in college he went to a Halloween party first as an Angry Bird, then went back to his dorm and changed and went back to the party as an AB pig…yeah…it wasn’t that great to begin with and evidently doesn’t get better with the retelling…


Can’t say I ever played, It is one of those games that never interested me.



It’s as close to a ”shooting pigs with a slingshot armed with live birds” simulator as you will ever get!


True…although the coefficient of elastic of the slingshot as been called into question in the ED Angry Birds Forum…so…:roll_eyes:


Really? Well, haters will hate!
I have extensive slingshot experience and while I have never loaded it with live birds, nor shot at green pigs, I can vouch for the behaviour of the rubber sling. It’s a near perfect match for a 23” used bicycle wheel tube…


Yes it is, if that tube was made from Malaysian rubber, vulcanized at 464ºC for two hours…the nay sayers claim that the Angry Birds developers must have modeled the sling elastic on the more plentiful Thailand produce rubber…they claim an acceleration difference of 0.0216 meters per second squared, which, I think you would agree, has some impact on the play in level 13…on Android phones…using Cyrillic fonts…at attitudes above 79º36’ North latitude…during lunar eclipses.


Yeah, but he is my hero for that. A man who is so confident to pull that off, the James Bond version of wearing a kilt, has my admiration and respect.


You have totally misunderstood how spring simulations work.

The basic linear behaviour, and thus the associated spring constant, is roughly correct in Angry Birds Isle of X series, as in most spring sims. That is the easy part. It’s at the edge of the envelope of the slingshot that the model shows its simplicity. It is obvious they have used a non-dissipative neo-Hookean spring model.
Angry Birds World does a much better rendition of the edge of the envelope by including the dissipation into the model.

Not to mention the lifting body effects of the fatter birds, and the post-stall wing flutter behaviour.


Well, all I’m saying is AB is made by Rovio, from Finland. Nokian Hakkapeliitta tyres are also from Finland. Finns know their rubber!


I almost tried the game (a few years after it was released) but it is so full of commercials that it is basically unplayable.


True dat. It became increasingly worse through the years.