Anno 1800 : Happy little accidents in industrial proportions

Hi gang,

I don’t often get enough time and mind-space to do a different game from the ones I already play, but this one is so nice, I just couldn’t pass it by.

It’s a city builder, but one that has hardly any push-back (ie difficulty) at all at first. It’s just plopping down pretty things, watch them grow and unlock prettier things. Very sweet, very chill. It does become harder later on, both to find the room to do the things you want or need and to meet all the demands. But harder is a relative term here :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is my city. I am about one third into the campaign. The story and things are not very memorable, but they offer enough of a structure to ease one into the game and what it’s about.

In the foreground is a pub. It helps keep the peasants happy. In the middle is the marketplace, around which the town grew. The class of people living in the houses is easily spotted by the color of the roofing; yellow for peasants, black for workers and red for artisans. There are two more classes that I haven’t reached the requisites for.

This is the harbor area. It is vital, as trade between islands is the only way to get all the things needed for the upper classes.

In the foreground are the fisheries. They provide basic nutrition for the lower classes. Healthy! The whitish building is the warehouse. Warehouses in anno are magically connected. Stuff put in one is available in any warehouse on that island.

This is my heavy industrial area. Here steel is made, used for upper class housing, high level industrial buildings, weapons and ships.

The polutants detract from your towns prettiness rating. I concentrated all of it around a trade union building that houses a dude who makes the effect of steelworks on that rating less severe. Putting the camera there you hear the hiss and pounding of the steel mill.

This is (part of) my agricultural area. Pigs, sheep, grain and potatoes are all needed in abundance. You can shape the fields fairly freely.

Look at the little dudes in the grain field doing their thing. All animated and with sounds. In the distance you see the buildings that collect, process and distribute all the produce. There sausages, clothes, bread, beer and vodka are made to satisfy the needs and wants of my workers.

I am doing great as my riot chance percentage is -10%. These dudes have all the beer and vodka they care for and they don’t mind working the steel mill at all.

Here is the touristy part of my town: the passenger terminal and the zoo. Also some park buildings around it.

A happy town with not too many pork and steel related industrial buildings will get a better rating with the tourists. You can improve that rating even further by building things like parks. It also is a fun activity, prettying up the city.

It’s all gorgeously animated. The people bustle about in their activities, the bears in the zoo play and walk around, ships sail to and fro and carts move produce from the production buildings to the warehouses.

Such a nice game, like a warm bath for the soul. Heartily recommended.


It looks very nice. Is it pure city building and resources, sort of like Settlers or Cities Skylines? Is the adversity the puzzle of trying to find a trade balance or just an ideal city design, or something else?

Well the game is built around needs. Farmers need fish and clothes. They want vodka and a church. If you provide that, they max out and level up. Then they want beer, and bread and sausages and a school and so on. All the way up to rich investors.

The challenge is in meeting all demands. Theres hardly any adversity bar the occasional fire breaking out or perhaps pirates?

There are AI competitors but they dont threaten you. They are also happily building things themselves.


Something maybe not everyone knows- the sum of all the numbers in the “Anno” series is 9.

Just saying.

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Sounds like Caesar 3 without the centurions destroying your city every 6 months if you don’t pay your taxes.

Caesar III ► 10 Basic Tips & Tricks Guide - [City-building Doctor]



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Ive clocked over a 100 hours in this, really recommend it, but it becomes very micromanagement as the automation of trade routes isnt very clever.
The AI cannot balance your islands warehouses without you putting things on every ship, if you set up a route and send 5 tonnes of grog to your other island and bring 5t of wool back they will just keep doing it until all your grog is on one island and all you wool on the other.
That aside, I am sure a patch will improve that aspect, I havnt even explored electricity or steam either, I tend to start again to get a better balance of islands and neater cities!

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Is anyone playing this here, Im over 100 hours now (Sandbox only) on level 4 Engineers but thinking of restarting because I didnt plan railways from day 1.

Now I need to get a rail track from one side of the map to the other (and in between) and will require me to knock down and move loads of buildings because Oil can only travel by train.

Wonder why an island is limited to one oil terminal?

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I stopped playing before i got to oil. Other games took hold of the scarce bit of time i have.

I avoided getting this because every video I watched had people building literally square blocks. It seemed so bland. lol.