Announcing the 'Styrspak FPL 37 Viggen'



I knew I could count on you! :wink:


If I can afford it - you’ll have another customer :smiley:


I’m in, and not just for the Viggen. It looks like it will also bridge the gap perfectly between a KG13 and a modern HOTAS for those 1st and 2nd generation jet aircraft.


Today I have dismounted what I have baptised the ”heart” of the Viggen stick.
The trigger, safety and two switches are mounted in a single unit, to be placed inbetween the halves of the stick. It’s a really clever design.
Built like a swiss watch… It took me a while to find out how evereything held together.

Since I announced my project I have been contacted by another Viggen stick lunatic :slight_smile:
As we clearly suffer from the same mental illness, we have decided to join forces! :wink:


Got the two comp. silicon and resin for the pattern.


I am very interested in this project! If you succeed you have a buyer.
I wish you good luck!


Good luck Troll! I completely missed this thread unfortunately, looks interesting!


All makt åt dig! :wink:

Thanks! I will do this. The only question is how long it will take me… :slight_smile:


Hi Troll, just curious, how are things going?


A bit slow, I’m afraid… Lots of work (the paying kind :wink: ) and then there was a PC build project that needed priority.

I have spent some time searching for the right switches for the stick.
The original Viggen stick has switches specially manufactured by SAAB. All but the trim switch, which is still available as shelf ware, if you pay up $300 :slight_smile:

Most microswitches are very light, and has a very small displacement.
I found these switches, Omron B3AL, that has 1,3mm displacement, and 5N activation force. I think they’ll do the trick. They have a really high quality feel about them, and I think they will work well. They will have caps, so they will look like the original, from the outside.

The pink one has an activation force of 4,5N and is rated at 1.000.000 cycles. The blue one is 5N but only rated at 500.000 activations.

Since my sticks won’t be used in a war, or a fighter, pulling G and what not, I’m going for a simpler design of the mechanism.
I’m playing around with a few design choices. Here’s one.

The safety catch must be able to stop the trigger (duh!). When the safety is on, it should be possible to depress the safety catch and activate a button beneath it.

I will start prototyping soon, to test the function.

Also, say hello to @martan, who is also making a Viggen stick. We decided to throw some ideas back and forth, and help eachother out. We actually have dedicated closed forum, here at Mudspike, for that purpose. :slight_smile:

So, things are happening in the background. Not as fast as I, or you, would like, but that’s life :wink:


Thanks for the update. Good to read that there is progress! 500.000 cycles should be sufficient for the use in sim :wink:

I hope your choices will work out well! :slight_smile:


Troll, I can’t wait for you to release this and the radar stick as a bundle. Just wanted you to know.


Hi all!

Sorry about late answer - was cought up in life :slight_smile:
As @Troll said I am another geek working on Viggen stick.

Troll provided me with a couple of switches of the type seen earlier in the thread.
I think it is very promising and I made a prototyp for the red “SNURK-switch”

  1. 3D scan of the original switch

  2. The replica switch. 3D-printed body and machined button:

  3. Replica, painted original (for scanning) and rightmost a complete stick.

I think the feeling of the button is great! Thank you Troll for finding it!


I will have to reserve this. This is too cool.


Nice! You could check out how much anodizing it will cost you, would look fantastic though…


Snurk = Dutch for snoring… but I 'm wide awake reading this thread :slight_smile:


Hur går det?



There isn’t much to write about, really.
But I recently got a tip worth investigating, that would simplify the process significantly.

TC-814, aluminium moulding plastic…
It contains, looks and feels like, aluminum.

This would mean no need for aluminium casting in non re-useable moulds.


Is there anything we can do to help? Do you need some sort of pre-order/crowdfunding setup? I know I would cash up, and I think several other I know would too.


Thanks, but I don’t think so. More hours in the day, is what I need. But…winter is coming! :wink: