Announcing Tu-22M3 Troika by Black Cat Simulations


Details from the devs:

  • The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine is providing substantial technical assistance and access to their own Tu-22M3. This effort would have been dead without access to the real thing, so our thanks to them.

  • All four crew positions will be modeled to incredible detail, visually and functionally. We will accommodate multi-crewing during multiplayer sessions, but a single player will be able to switch between the four positions. The Tu-22M3 was specifically selected over other aircraft to allow a single player to take on multiple roles without becoming overloaded, or needing to be in two places at the same time during critical moments during the mission.

  • 6DOF, clickable cockpits front and rear. Give Oculus your money now; this airplane will suck without it.

  • Custom flight model including FBW, non-linear stall behavior, transonic and supersonic effects on the airframe and propulsion, and wing sweep and elasticity effects.

  • A modern NPSS propulsion model of the 3-spool NK-25 engine itself, plus inlet effects like ramp positioning, spill doors and secondary intake door motion based on inlet physics.

  • Extremely detailed systems, to include fuel balancing (like the Concorde and Tu-144), fully functional attack radar and radar warning receiver scopes, TV remote optical bombsight, navigation, hydraulics, electrical system, pneumatic system, modeled system damage effects, the list goes on.

Hugely ambitious, but good luck to them. DCS’s first dedicated bomber and a real beast of one to tackle.



Best of luck to them. Those are some lofty goals, I hope they’re able to accomplish them.


■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ YES! I really wanted this plane in DCS. And to have a plane of this calibre in the first place. As it will be their plane I hope they can pull it off.


Its a big bird

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Well, if it happens…it’s gonna look cool as crap hugging the terrain over NTTR…


So the KH-22 has a 600 km range. You could spawn the Backfires at the edge of the largest current DCS map, have them immediately launch their missiles, and hit targets at the very edge of the opposite side of the map. Of course this ignores the fact that the largest current map has no water. We need more maps. Like ones with water. Like ones with lots of water. Exactly how hard could it be to make a map that is mostly water? In a time frame before arthritis sets in preferably. Maybe something like this →

Also: Cool announcement!

Also also: I had a lot of coffee this morning.


Like Falklands. Or South China Sea… :smiley:

Have they said what the Straight of Hormuz map size would be? I realize that its not mostly water, but it would be a realistic setting for anti-shipping warfare. Should Iran be backed by Russia in a fictional campaign, you could see Backfires coming via the Caspian and launching towards the straight from over Iran. It kinda writes itself: F-14’s vs F-14s.

It’ll be about 390x390km.

I took me a while but then I noticed…
Much wet
Very blue


Bonus points if you get “huge tracts of water”


Is that a Monty Python reference I see?


Awesome! Could this open the door for more bombers?

The limiting factor always seems to be access to information. If these guys are successful, they may pave the way for certain new features, but other bombers might still be impossible due to a dearth of information. I would think older bombers may be possible. Naturally, people will want the B-1 to balance out the Tu-22M3, but that seems pretty unlikely.

Unless this one backfires…

bdum-tish :ghost:


Guess we should make sure we don’t badger them about it…

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I cannot even bear the thoughts that we wouldn’t get any more.

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They may well play a Blinder…

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Just keep up the Spirit

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