Another cute little LEGO plane

Is this your kite, in LEGO, @smokinhole?
Do you get royalties?


Love it! My daughter and I built the Camel.

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I was wondering where you had gotten all those Legos for the flight stick molds…:slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, so this is from March 2018…any idea how/why it and there old threads pop into the queue of threads at the bottom of the screen as Suggested Topics?

Then when I read and go to reply it pops up a warning that says, “Hey, this is like a year old…don’t you have anything better to do that revive old topics? Move on. Get a life.”…or words to that effect.


It is a complex algorithm written by Fridge that reads your mind and rehashes old threads that have relavance to your current mood. Don’t fight the robots man! Embrace your overlords. They know better.