Another episode of EinsteinEP's "How Not To Do It"

Met up with @WreckingCrew to show him how to hover in the Huey. Gave him some pointers on how controlling yaw attitude during pick up is incredibly important - without a steady heading, pitch and bank inputs get confounded into complex unintended motion that’s hard to counter from inside a spinning box.

Then I showed him the finer points of how not to make approaches:

@Maclean and @AeroMechanical were there, too.

Good times!


That will show him!

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At least you didn’t break the spotlight…

Looks like a text book heli landing to me…


Found the “glass half full” guy…!

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This impromptu helicopter clinic was great.

Before, the Ka-50’s datalink feature was an incomprehensible mess of a system I had no hope of understanding.

Now, the Ka-50’s datalink feature is an incomprehensible mess of a system that magically points my SHKVAL at something that needs to be blown up.


LOL! You guys. All it takes is one little mistake. Done that a few times myself.

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I bent my little thingie, again!