Any Good Voice RecognitionSoftware For FSX or X Plane

I recently discovered that if I plug in my USB logitech head set, that all FSX ATC comminications run through it while everything else runs through my speakers. It is cool to me and adds immersion. However is there any good voice recognition software so I can talk to ATC instead of push a number?

You can try this:

VoiceAttack, I dont play FSX and XPlane, but I believe they work with those.

There is a 21 day free trial.

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Another vote for VoiceAttack - it works great in Elite:Dangerous too (and has voice packs, which I was surprised are even a thing), which feels pretty sci-fi as the computer talks back in that one.

Hmm, I have a half-written article on comparing voice input apps for flight sim tools. @BeachAV8R is going to come down on me like a ton (tonne?) of bricks for getting that in 5 months late.


Added bonus: If you’re flying a wing with voice comms active your friends can hear you swear at your ship mid dog fight, thus increasing morale.

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