Any here know how to do a combat landing in a he-111?

I try doing them all the time but it ends up like this,

can anyone point out what i’m doing wrong thanks !

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By “Combat Landing” I assume you men a high rate of descent landing, such as what C-130s did during Khe Sanh.

There really is no reason to do that in an He-111.


Yeah. I am feel fairly confident that they didn’t have the concept of a ‘combat landing’ in WWII. You wouldn’t be attempting to land anywhere close to the enemies AAA assets.


yeah that’s the exact ones I’m talking about. forgive my ignorance but i just assumed it could be or was done back in the day. I though a cork screw landing wasn’t that new?

Khe Sanh and more recently landing into Baghdad and Afghanistan hot spots are “special cases”.

In Khe Sanh, the base was surrounded by the enemy. If the C-130s flew a normal landing approach, they would have spent too much time in the effective range of enemy small arms and light AAA. In the modern conflicts, you had an insurgency with access to not only small arms but MANPADs, s similar rapid descent landing approaches were also in order.

WWII was a bit different. As far as I know, air support to surrounded forces was made by paradropping supplies. This was even the case for French forces in Vietnam, during the Siege of Dien Bien Phu. ( strongly recommend reading " Hell In A Very Small Place by Bernard B. Fall)

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makes sense