Any opinions on the FSD PC-6 for FSX?

So being the bush pilot type - I saw this sale for the FlightSim Developers PC-6 the other day - 40% off ($14.97) and I was wondering if the model has held up over the years. I’d love to use it in my ORBX PNG scenery area (if I can ever get my Air Hauler 2 company off the ground!).

Was just curious if anyone else had it and has any feelings pro/con on it. I know there is a freeware PC-6 out there too…(Tim Conrad’s)…

Or maybe I should wait for the 3 years in development PC-6 from Aerosoft… :slight_smile:

I had that ages ago… As I remember it was very good. Could beta in flight and do all sorts of crazy STOL stuff. I just love the Porter. The ugly duckling that fly like a swan.
A friend of mine has done houndreds of skydive lifts in a real one, and he says he never got bored. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they make great jump ships because if this. They had one at Ampfing Germany that we jumped a lot.

The late great Patrick de Gayerdon

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Unless your pilot nearly kills you…!


Yeah, it’s a very risky maneuver with a tandem. We used to do that sort of thing with Mike Mullins Super King Air, but always gave him a little more space. The King Air would usually get out ahead and we would try to max track dive to catch it. Was awesome fun, especially in the aifternoon with building cumulus to swoop through. Ah, what young men do before they have families and become aware of their mortality.

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I haven’t tried the FlightSimDevelopers PC-6 but i bought their Commander 115 TC a year or two back, and my impressions were that it had pretty dated textures and systems, and I ran into issues with the virtual cockpit panel, their support was really prompt and helpful but were not able to solve my issue and eventually their offered me a refund and I took it since I couldn’t fly in 3D virtual cockpit with it. I suspect it was something it didn’t like about EZDOK or something.

Anyhow they are good dudes, but the model/systems/textures were pretty dated (sort of comparable to the Carenado C-185), so just know that going in and set your expectations accordingly.

I’m also really looking forward the to the Aerosoft one especially since it is being done by Marcel who made the excellent Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X :thumbsup:

Yeah, thanks for the info guys - I’m going to hold off because I read another comment somewhere that said that controls weren’t able to be manipulated (radio knobs and such) in the VC - which is a non-starter if I’m going to be flying in VR. I think I’ll wait on the Aerosoft one… Thanks for the input…! Sometimes a deal isn’t a deal…

That was…close…!
Tandem passenger seemed blissfully unaware though :wink:

There’s a freeware PC-6 on simviation with clickable pit : Pilatus PC-6C H2 Package (middle of the page)

The pics on the page are quite small so I took a few shots:

And there’s a susy air livery for it :slight_smile:


Yeah…I think that is the Tim Conrad one - it is really nice. I think I’ll stick with that until Aerosoft gets theirs out the door…

Of course, I’ll have to earn enough money in my Air Hauler 2 career to buy one first…!

The aerosoft PC-6 sure looks good. IIRC it’s from the dev who made the Dornier 27 which is a gorgeous aircraft given it’s age (10 years I think)
I’m just afraid I’ll have dropped FSX when the PC-6 comes out…

The aerosoft Twotter is also very fun to fly in PNG, aswell as the alabeo C-207
Oh and there are sibwings aircraft, also very fine addons.

I really wish I had skipped P3D v3 and instead waited for the 64 bit next version (if that is what is coming). I’ve bought P3D twice now, and never have gotten my true value out of them.

Well, I take that back. I’ve just gotten less relative value out of them than my FSX: Steam purchase and X-Plane purchases…

ahah, I’m glad my dubious ethics have always prevented me from buying P3D :stuck_out_tongue: