Any thoughts on SkyMaxx Pro v2?

So I’m curious if anyone here flying X-Plane is using SkyMaxx Pro v2? Nearly $40 seems pretty steep for some clouds…but I’ve paid close to that for Active Sky for FSX/P3D. It is hard to judge whether SkyMaxx Pro is worth it though because all of the screens I’ve seen pretty much look…well, the same. Nice, beautiful puffy clouds, but I haven’t seen layers of stratus, high cirrus, cumulonimbus, or anything else that I would think should be included. I would love to find some better performing clouds (default X-Plane clouds are an FPS killer!)…but I don’t want to drop any money on something that isn’t distinctly better. To tell you the truth - the X-Plane default clouds and layering are actually quite very good…if they weren’t such a performance hog…

Any opinions one way or the other?


I think Laminar should ditch their own cloud system and just implement the truesky middleware. It’s what Arma, TOH and Warthunder use, along with Driveclub and Ark.

I recently bought Skymaxx Pro after doing the usual due diligence (online reviews, YouTube videos, etc.). I am very happy with the product and it absolutely improves the appearance of the clouds over the default XP clouds. It’s not perfect in that clouds can suddenly pop up from time to time but overall it was an improvement and I have no buyer’s regret. Before the purchase, performance was naturally a concern. However, that hasn’t been an issue so far. I’m using an I7 4K CPU and a 980ti. There are scenarios where I actually had a slight FPS increase.

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