Any thoughts on "The Crew"..?

Was looking for a MP driving game to play with my Dad…but not sure what to make of this. Looks like an interesting world they built (as far as scale)…but don’t know if there’d be enough content within the game to make it worthwhile. I’d buy him GTA - but he wouldn’t be into all the violence and stuff (and I wouldn’t be able to play it with my son around…)


they’ve got a demo up on the website that allows you to dabble into anything the game has to offer for 2 hours, and even keep your stuff

You better hurry if you’re still hoping to grab this on the sale on steam though :stuck_out_tongue: I personally didn’t play it, not my type of game. The only racegame I recently purchased was DiRT rally. Excellent game, was quite content I could get more out of the car by tuning the gearbox and turbo a bit with manual transmission instead of relying on automatic transmission. I didn’t check the multiplayer out though, afaik there was only a time-attack mode for that.

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@Sryan - Thanks for the tip, I’m installing the demo now… :smiley:

Hmm…just played 20 minutes of it…and wasn’t all that impressed. I mean, the story is OK thus far…and the graphics are quite good, but the gameplay (the driving) seems a bit frantic and really arcadey. I mean, you can run full speed into the back of another car and it does a smidge of damage (and I guess maybe it does some other stuff)…but the driving physics seem pretty weak.

Might be an entertaining interactive story or something…but I’ll have to explore it a bit more before I decide if I want to plonk down $20 (x2 if I buy it for my Dad)… Maybe I need to go back and look at Driver San Francisco. I remember buying it, but never really playing it…but can’t remember if it had any MP capability…

@BeachAV8R I dont think Driver had MP. Look into Need For Speed. I think they had some MP Look for Need For Speed The Run.