Any thoughts on the DCS F-86 campaign?

Anyone pickup the F-86 campaign? It’s one of my favorite birds to fly, but I don’t have the WW2 asset pack (no real need as I don’t fly any of the WW2 birds much, nor have any of the WW2 maps). It’d run about $40 to get the campaign and the asset pack, so I’d like to get some opinions on if it’s worth that much.

Also I know the DCS sale should be coming up, so I’ll be bidding my time regardless.


I’ve flown a few missions in the Yalu campaign and really enjoyed them.

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I don’t have this one either (been eyeballing it as well :eyes:) but if the other campaigns of this author that I own are anything to go by (Jagdflieger, Blue-nosed bastards) this should be expertly constructed.