The andromeda Strain. Scared me cross-eyed when I was a kid.

I was just bright enough to mostly understand what I was seeing, but not quite clear on the fact it was complete fiction of the type that wasn’t gonna happen next week in real life…


Never saw the film, but I did read the book.

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You might enjoy it. Its from a time when movies respected the audience’s intelligence, and the whole tone of it, the sets and colors, plus the cold clinical nature of some of it (even the odd, atonal music) in parts is very reminiscent of the directors later work on things like Star Trek, the Motion Picture.

Both movie, and book, were very good.

Seem to have missed this one.


I was thinking of this movie today, and just by coincidence noticed that they are apparently having a 50th anniversary re-release of the book. It’s interesting, because if I hadn’t had a sudden urge to search for youtube clips of the movie, I would never have known about the anniversary plans!

I remember that one!
Yes, it was a bit scary. It had a documentary feel to it. Less flashy Hollywood style effects…
Made you feel it was happening.

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I Loved it!
Was a kid when I saw it, and it was already looking like “an old film” but nevertheless it captivated me!
And somehow the fighter pilot mask part was something that really got me.
Together with the Old drunk man/Crying baby! :open_mouth:

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This has been on my to-watch list for ages but somehow I never saw it.

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Looking at the whole self destruct sequence thing, it’s pretty obvious now that so many years later the movie Alien pretty much copied the whole general idea of it, then dialed it up to 11.

“Bring me some squeeze, boy!”


Yep, watched it as a kid. Read the book as well in my high school’s “Science Fiction” class. That was a really great class. We’d read the literature of famous Science Fiction novels, novels that had something to say about society and technology etc. and then if available, we got to watch the movie. I loved that class.


Saw the movie and read the book. Sometimes strange to think that the same author also wrote Jurassic Park.

A favorite of mine is Coma. That one really makes you think. Once they push that syringe plunger into your IV and ask you to count back from 100…:anguished:


Yep, great movie and book

Cannot recall if I saw the film but I enjoyed the book. Crichton was almost always a great read.


I agree. I have read many of his books with the exception of I think Airframe and Congo.

You can skip Airframe…not his best work.

Kinda what I figured and Congo’s story just didn’t seem to make me want to read the book.