Anyone else kicking to desktop at 1 airport

I haven’t had any problems with this game… flying all over the world without a crash or bug… but today I attempted to take of from this airport 5 times, I believe in Iceland, I want to see snow! lol

Well 5 attempts and every single time during load up it crashes to desktop… visited other airports, no problem, then back to this one, crash… anyone else have this issue with this airport? Thanks.

Hey Magnum, it happens to me as well! You’re on to something.

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It’s a known issue, with a lot of people. (Official MSFS forum)

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Here‘s the list of known issues:

It‘s a Zendesk page. So if you log in and push the follow button, you‘ll receive email notifications whenever that page changes.

I only tried 3 times, crashes every time. I only fancied it for the nice low depression that was above it this morning. I am loving the real time weather