Anyone interested in an article about building your own flight chair?

I have started work on version 5 of my flight chair setup and I was wondering if anyone was interested. It’s … odd … as a piece of furniture goes but I have pictures of v4 in progress and v5 as I am building it.

It is all wood construction with a chair burrowed from an office or, in the case of v5, a 2010 Vw golf with no electronics - just a flight chair. I don’t expect anyone would replicate it but it might give ideas on how you could do it yourself.

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Yes! Not that I’ll ever be allowed to build one myself, but I love reading about such projects.

A few pictures of the Mark 4 chair.

Being built

In place before staining - I cound not wait that long to use it

After staining


Choked on my coffee.

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Count me in as an interested party, too.


That’s one heck of a stain!

I’d like a DIY version, thank you :slight_smile: