Anyone know how to actually contact a Steam support employee?

There is a small chance your PC is compromised too Chuck. I know it sounds a bit over the top, but I would consider re-installing PC’s with fresh Windows that you usually use, e.g. get the USB install, pull the network plug, reinstall and patch up. A keylogger on a 0-day windows vulnerability could be installed, just as a way to gather passwords or SteamGuard codes. While it’s more likely it probably from one of the more recent social media site hacks (possible shared passwords, we all do it), it would be annoying to get your account back only for this to happen again.

Paying him (and as former LEO I know you know this already), is likely pointless; you’d basically be trusting a criminal not to do it again or come back for more, which would make them a crappy criminal…


Yeah, my first thought too. The Virtual World: where people do/say things they wouldn’t in person (because they’d face real, physical, consequences). He (she?) probably drives like an arse too.

Don’t forget to forward that conversation to Steam support as well as soon as you reach them.

Edit: I just wondered if it could help to write Valve using Facebook, Twitter or something? They surely have a presence there.

Or maybe another Steam user you trust (preferably in your country) could also write a ticket on your behalf and explain the situation?

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Also ask Steam how can they accept that one day you connect from the US and few hours later you’re in Russia.

If they really accept that, screw them and all their support. This event really shook my faith in Steam.

@Magnum50 please do what @fearlessfrog said and reinstall, your PC is definitely compromised.

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done them all… multiple times. even have a new account and submitted a ticket.


Strange… I had the same happen a few years ago and steam wrote right back within two days and got me my account back right away.

I wonder if you are just unlucky this time, or if things have really changed for the worse, over there.


Shame that Steam support often seems to be such a nightmare when stuff like that happens. You’d think having at least adequate customer support should be a given for a company that big and profitable. That being said my own experience with steam support was okay.

Not quite the same as getting your account stolen, but the phone I used for 2FA broke last year and I had forgotten to change my backup phone number to the new one (old number hadn’t been in use for over 5 years at that point) so I was locked out of my account.
Steam support was pretty quick to help and I think I got my account back after 2 days which I thought was reasonable as it included sending proof of identity.
Pretty weird how that hacker was able to take over the account so quickly though (if 2FA really was enabled).

Sorry to hear about this at @Magnum50.

Please provide details about the issue you are having:


I have a friend (@Magnum50) who’s Steam account along with a huge library of >games was stolen by a Russian hacker. For a week he has fruitlessly searched >for a human at Valve to help him get his account back. In support I will purchase >nothing until you all recover his account. Thank you.

Attach a file…



Thanks… don’t know if it was me, you, or a couple of others friends that did the same, but in contact with a human via email now. Thx.


You sent that to Steam smokinhole? If so, nice!

Good to hear Magnum

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Yay! Good luck @Magnum50!

Good luck Magnum for sure you will have your situation sorted out. I had some steam friend that were hacked and after some frustration and stress all things are good now. One of the schemes to get hacked is when someone from your friends list (with an account already hacked) request you do a favor to go to a site and vote for a friends clan in a shooter competition. That site requires steam login and then they collect your account details and using your steam account to later catch other victim. I had some friends that falled in that sh…ty scheme…

Steam sometimes in support spend months to reply but always reply. But i agree, for such a huge company they could have much better support. For example EA were everyone calls them evil and turd company, have easily reached live chat were you can fix in live many EA account situations and game related situations and ubisoft also with phone call. Valve is use a form in website and then pray the Lord and die waiting. Some support messages i received their feedback after months when i already forgot about them.

PS: never ever login using your steam account in any place that is not the steam client or official steam website, never!

Thanks everyone… got the account back this AM. Hacked by a Russian, sold to someone in France. I got the phone security thing set up now, just had the email thing before then they simply changed the email.

Just wondering… those of you who submitted a ticket for me, did they reply or offer to help? Working on my story to send a letter to Steam with a recommendation of a working phone number to speak with someone as a last result. Probably won’t change, but anyway.

Thx again.



You would have been the first serious case against Steam. So far every believable case I read was positive or neutral for me. So I am glad it worked (even though it took longer/more effort than the other cases I know about).

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I’m a bad person, I know, but I’d write again to the pirate and tease him about it…


Send him a message. Say you felt bad for his situation and want to give him the $40 to help his situation.
Lay it on really thick about how you got your account back and steam gave you a $50 dollar voucher for the inconvenience. As it was his doing he kind of deserves his $40 after all.
It’s only karma and helping out an individual in hard time would make you feel like a better human.
Once he agrees

Ask for his account number, sort code and password and sign him up for some disgusting porn for a month.



Just keep the email handy and enter it on every website that asks you to join their newsletters, or has a signup form.

Never know, it might just float his boat… RpS_blink


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I never said it was a good plan :rofl:

Hi @Magnum50… Sorry for randomly typing to you but I’m also having an issue with steam support. So basically I’ve changed my steam email to a new one in order to use it just for my steam account (for my security). This happened 2 weeks ago. After I did that, my steam account got locked with the message:

" Steam Support suspects your account may have been accessed by someone else. We are temporarily forcing your profile private as a security precaution."

I’ve tried to contact steam support and I’ve provided to them a lot of “proof of ownership” things like:

  • previous email addresses
  • all credit cards used for transactions since 2014
  • phone number (which is connected to the steam guard from the beginning - never changed)

But they won’t give my account back. They keep asking for the first ever CD KEY used on my steam account and I no longer have access to that (my account is 20 years old…)… Also, after sending 2 tickets at the same time (because I didn’t got an answer for 5 days) they locked me from sending tickets for 30 days. Right now I don’t know what to do…I’m desperate because I have invested a lot in my CS skins (around 4500$)… I’m trying hard to contact someone that works at Valve/Steam without sending tickets (because I can’t send them rn). Did you managed to contact some real human that works at valve? Thank you!